Best Yugioh Booster Boxes of 2021

Those who are a fan of Japanese Manga must have heard about the famous Yu-Gi-Oh series that tales the tale of a boy. Yugi Mutou, the game-loving boy, takes part in a series of a journey from the mysterious dark world to illusive places.

Hence, many people love the illustrious and decorative descriptions of Yugi’s journey. The perfect way to experience the thrilling journey of Yugi’s journey is to relive the Yu-Gi-Oh game. But for that, you would want to have the best Yu-Gi-Oh booster box at first.

Best Yugioh Booster Boxes

A booster box for Yu-Gi-Oh, likewise all manga series, comes with multiple illustrious cards with various themes to entertain gamers while enhancing the gaming thrill. Here, we have reviewed seven booster box for Yu-Gi-Oh that would help you relive the nostalgic childhood while enjoying the present-day excitement.

So, get, set and go.

Top 7 Yugioh Booster Boxes

A booster box for Yu-Gi-Oh is a set of original Yu-Gi-Oh cards as they are delivered from the manufacturer to the gamers. The booster set is usually available in three different sets. The starter box contains 10 packs while duelist pack includes 30 groups in a box.

The intermediate or standard edition of the booster box will include 24 packs in each set.

Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions Booster Box

yugioh dark side of dimensions booster box

If you want to recreate the favorite heroes or villains for the movie decks, the Dark Side of Dimensions booster box will surely become your addiction. It comes with the duelist package, which means you will get several rare and ultra-rare cards in the package. It is enough for the whole set arrangement.

Large card set:
You will receive 57 cards set within the booster box. The card set focuses on the movie exclusiveness and includes favorite characters like Apple Magician Girl from Yugi to the Blue-Eyes Dragon coming from the Kaiba’s Neo.

So, you can quickly recreate the favorite movie deck.

Since the booster box focuses on the movie decks, it is incredibly versatile. You have the option to play with various cards with your favorite character. It features the White Dragon, which has become one of the iconic Yu-Gi-Oh characters over time.

Bonus cards:
Want to have some Ultra-rare cards for Yu-Gi-Oh movie decks? Brace yourself because the Secret Edition promises to bring at least 3 Ultra-rare cards packed nicely in each box. So, you have the second chance to collect Krystal Dragon, Dark Magician, White Dragon with blue eyes and many more cards within this Yu-gi-oh 1st edition booster box.

Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Illusion Booster Box

yugioh dark illusion booster box

Let us introduce to you another excellent and tremendous Yu-gi-oh booster box list that comes from the world of Zombies. Yes, if you love building a zombie deck, the Dark Illusion Booster Box is there to help you with popular common and some incredible rare cards.

Dual drawing facility:
You will get both the famous Pot of Desires and Shiranui Solitaire within the booster box. Hence, you have the luxury to build the zombie deck using either of the two cards. It has become thus one of the most anticipated 1stedition for Yu-Gi-Oh.

Additional cards:|

You will receive 30 packs within the booster box. Each pack contains 5 cards. So, in total, you will get 150 cards in the box, which is one of the largest in our list. The package is a perfect combination of common, rare, super-rare and ultra-rare cards to help you build the zombie empire.

Popularity and fame:
The Dark Illusion is perhaps one of the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh series. It is the 9th set from the famous and much anticipated 9th series. Hence, you will love spending time with the cards thanks to the versatility of the cards.

Yugioh Shining Victories Booster Box

yugioh shining victories booster box

This special edition from Shining Victories will continue the popularity and saga of Blue Eyes. Thereby, gamers can ignore the versatility and temptation of Shining Victories. Also, it is a duelist set which is a pleasant bonus for everyone.

High-value box:
The booster box comes sealed. You will receive three different packages within the large box. In total, you will receive 100 cards. There is the possibility to get at least one rare cards among the two versions. All these make it a high-value booster box set.

Preview cards:
Are you interested to see the cards from the next generation Yu-Gi-Oh? If yes, then you will undoubtedly love the preview of non-foil cards in the package. It lets you have a glimpse of the next Shining Victories booster set.  Also, the non-foil cards offer great value during the playtime.

This is a special edition of Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the famous manga series manufacturer. The special edition brings some ultra-rare and popular cards back. You might get to see the Twin Burst Dragon with blue eyes or pull the famous Crystal Wing Dragon.  Hence, it is full of surprises for kids.

Yugioh Cards Booster Box

yugioh cards booster box

Make your July unforgettable and incredible with the Battles of Legend Booster Box that relishes the famous Armageddon. You can experience the last battle between good and evil, as described in the New Testament. Also, its thematic illustration merely is mind-blowing.

All foiled cards:
The Yugioh cards booster box package includes 120 cards with 24 packs each containing 5 cards. Also, each card features a foil for added convenience. Also, the set promises to offer you the maximum previously unreleased cards of Yu-Gi-Oh which kids will definitely love to collect.

Powerful cards:
If you want to grab a hand on the tournament based powerful cards the Battles of Legend Armageddon Booster Box will be a perfect choice. Also, the thematic support is sought after for Manga lovers to fulfil their desire of the best anime.

The Armageddon is one of that versatile booster box Yugioh that you would like to keep in your collection. It features Armageddon Dragon, Chaos Emperor and many more attractive as well as popular Yu-Gi-Oh characters.

So, you will never run short of versatility to entertain your mind and kids too.

Yugioh Legend of Blue Eyes Booster Box

yugioh legend of blue eyes booster box

This Yu-Gi-Oh boost box is an original Korean edition. Also, it features the strongest of all monsters, the famous Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It has 3000ATK power that unleashes its brute strength over any creature- boom!

Powerful monsters:
If you don’t like playing with any fusions or synchronization, you would love the most potent and untreated monster of Yu-Gi-Oh game. Konami brings the giant for those who love the raw power and easy to play facility.

Easy and quick support:
The unadulterated White Dragon doesn’t contain any effect. However, thanks to the brilliant all support facility, you can quickly transform the booster box. Thus, you will get the required impact at ease. You will love collecting the 3000ATK powered booster box.

Unbelievable stocks:
The Korean version offers 50 packs in a factory sealed booster box. Each pack contains five cards, and so, the stock is literally unbelievable. However, it could have a nice icing on the top of the packages included some ultra-rare cards.

Yugioh Millennium Pack Booster Box

yugioh millennium pack booster box

If you feel nostalgic about the old classic looks of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and aren’t afraid of spending a handsome amount for them surely Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium box is made for you.  It is based on the old cards and features a truly eye-catchy artwork to grab everyone’s attention.

Premium feel:
The package will come in mint condition and factory sealed. It just gives you a super luxurious and premium feel. How pleasing is this!

Striking illustration:
The booster box isn’t huge. Hence, you may expect some were pulling over, but it’s worth the money spent for the Millennium booster box.  You will get illustrations for 20 exotic cards with premium artwork to relive your childhood.

The 36 packs booster box indeed offers everything that you were clamoring for several years now.  Inside the box, you will get Celtic Guardian, Flame Swordsman, Thousand Dragon, etc. characters. You kids will love them too.

Unreleased cards:
What’s more, the Millennium pack is also known among fans for offering TV series cards that otherwise was never released. So, you will get the rare opportunity to see some incredible TV series cards to treat the eyes.

Finally, within the 48 cards pack, you will get 4-ultra super rare cards which is fantastic. Pure love! Also, the 18 common cards is a fair ratio, and you won’t receive any repeats within the Millennium Yugioh 1st edition booster box.

Yugioh Dragons of Legend Booster Box

yugioh dragons of legend booster box

Those who look for Yu-Gi-Oh booster box cheap priced and want something special, the Dragons of Legend will be their perfect solution.  It features a complete Legend series with 36 packs that come in 8 boxes.

You will get original Yu-Gi-Oh cards for both Dragon of Legends series one and series two in the packs. Also, the booster box offers unreleased cards of your favorite TV show.  Thus, it is a perfect curing item for collectors and TV serial fans.

Extreme coverage:
The booster box for Dragons of Legend has perhaps the broadest coverage of all Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It enjoys an incredible expansion over the five series released in TV. Also, it is a brilliant collection item even for serious duelists.

Perfect illustration:
Each card comes in mint condition and with fine artwork. The expansive illustration on the cards looks not only eye-pleasing but also means lasting durability.  Furthermore, the package includes some super-rare and ultra-rare cards that you anticipated for long.

It includes Numeron Dragon, Cyber Angel Benten, Dark Magician Girl, etc.

What to Look For When Buying Yi-Gi-Oh Booster Box

When it comes to picking the booster box of Yu-Gi-Oh, honestly speaking, it will all go down to your preference. Yet, the following factors will help you get the ideal booster box quickly.

Cards number:

When you purchase the booster box, always check the actual card numbers. Ideally speaking, more cards mean you will have more options for decoration and gameplay.

Rare cards vs. common cards:

Another important consideration is the ratio of common and rare cards within the booster box package. You would want at least two ultra-rare cards for the package. Also, a higher number of common cards might disappoint you.

Age limit:

If you are buying the booster box for kids, check the age limit written on the label. Some cards are not suggested for kids under six or eight. So, keep an eye on the recommended age limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 1st original Yu-gi-oh booster box?

A: Volume 1 or Vol. 1 is the 1st Yu-Gi-Oh booster box. It was released to meet the fan demands on February 04, 1999. Thus, its layout was based on the cards in Series 1. The 1st booster box also revealed two additional cards that weren’t published in the Bandai series.

Q: How many Yu-Gi-Oh cards are available?

A: Yu-gi-oh fandom wiki says that there are as much as 4732 cards for the series. There are 2771 monsters, 1158 tarps and 803 spell cards for Yu-Gi-Oh series.

Q: Which Yu-gi-oh card is the rarest?

A: Tournament Black Luster Soldier and Armament of the Lethal Lords are two of the rarest Yu-gi-Oh cards you will ever find. These cards are so rare that their price range soars close to $10000 often.


Yu-Gi-Oh is connected with many Manga lovers’ childhood that it spawned quickly over the real-world card games.  Until now, the brilliant storytelling of Yugi has spelled people, and over 22 billion of Yi-Gi-Oh cards have been sold.

Therefore, picking the best Yu-Gi-Oh booster box was challenging for us. We also understand you might have a different favorite set and we indeed look forward to hearing which Yu-Gi-Oh booster box is your love.

Nonetheless, our selection includes various cards with classic illustrations which we hope will bring back your countless childhood memories. Also, these will be your perfect gift item for kids.

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