Best Folding Luggage Cart [8 Reviews For 2021]

People need to travel for work, vacation, and other various reasons. While traveling, we find ourselves with many bags, luggage, and other components. And that’s where the part we all need to use the luggage carts.

A folding luggage cart is a component that can minimize your traveling complications. It is pretty easy to carry and move around with this portable luggage cart.

Luggage carts can carry our bags and other essential items for us. They provide ease, comfort and make things much easier for us.

Best Folding Luggage Cart

Nowadays, there is much right luggage with similar functions. Choosing the best folding Luggage cart for yourself can get confusing sometimes. But don’t worry. We have got you covered.

The 8 Best Folding Luggage Cart

Our whole team kept on finding the most convenient luggage cart for your traveling. After a lot of inspection and feedbacks, we came with eight excellent portable luggage carts.

So, follow the entire article below.

Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart

Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart

We’ve put the samsonite folding luggage cart on top of our list. This will be your best cart for moving your big bags and suitcases comfortably. Its handle can extend up to 37 inches, so carrying tall luggage will not be an issue. It consists of high-quality materials and is durable.

High-Quality Material
This cart is made out of stainless steel and is super absorbent. The product is imported. The cart has huge rugged wheels so that the handling operation can be smoothly done.

This product can transport regular luggage, luggage with or without wheels, and even boxes. It can extend up to 37 inches tall. It can also carry up to 32 kilograms of weight.

This cart is wholly sturdy and lightweight. It is super easy to use the cart. It also has adjustable support strap anchors, which help to prevent shifting.

Perfect Size
One of the cart’s best feature is it is relatively small in size. So the cart can be easily carried anywhere, no matter how you are traveling. It has a body dimension of 19 x 11 x 3 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.

Rms Lightweight Folding Luggage Cart

Rms Lightweight Folding Luggage Cart

RMS ultralight folding luggage cart is one of the best in the business. This cart comes in small size and lightweight, making it easy to carry. It can be used to carry different kinds of items, including instruments and equipment. It has a push-button handle for smooth handling, and it is easily adjustable.

Compact Base
This cart has a small compact base of 12 x 10 inches. It is compact and portable. So, you need to check out the dimension of your item before using it for the cart. Bulky items that weigh over 55 lbs or have dimensions over 28 x 22 x 12 should be avoided.

This RMS cart only weighs around 2.8 lbs. So, it’s not heavy at all. The construction is quite sturdy. It opens and closes within seconds. You can fold this cart and carry it anywhere, including your backpack. The cart dimension is 15 x 10 x 3 inches when it is folded.

Easy Usage
The cart has extra-large rugged wheels. These wheels are long-lasting. Also, it makes no sound. So manually handling the cart is no big deal.

Elastic Ropes
The cart has double 31” long bungee cords. It can stretch up to double its size. The adjustable support strap can easily prevent shifting.

Cosco Heavy Duty Folding Luggage Cart With Wheels

heavy duty folding luggage cart with wheels

If you are looking for a good performing cart that can provide transportation much more comfortable, you need to get the Cosco shifter 300. The Cosco shifter cart has a significant holding capacity. It can include various items. The cart has a multi-position feature as well.

The Cosco shifter 300 has a great weight capacity. It can hold up to 300 lbs. It’s holding capacity is quite big compared to the others. It is a cart made for heavy-duty.

This cart is also straightforward to use. It is made out of durable steel. And it has fast conversion features that come with no tools or pins of any sort. It weighs around 14.92 pounds.

This heavy-duty folding cart also comes with a multi-position feature. You can use this cart as a 2-wheel cart, a 4-wheel cart, and even an upright hand truck.

Fits Easily
The dimensions of the product are 49.25 inches x 16.625 inches x 13.75 inches. So, you can see it can fit in car trunks quite easily. For transportation, it can fold flat.

Fch Aluminium Portable Folding Luggage Cart

aluminium folding luggage cart

If you’re talking about brands, then FCH might be a relatively small one, but it has some of the best features. This cart will be the best choice for home-usage. It has an ideal design that will offer you excellent transportation.

Compact Structure
The FCH holding cart consists of aluminum alloy (rustproof) and is long-lasting. It has a durable, sturdy structure. It can hold up to 264 pounds of weight quickly and smoothly. You can carry boxes, containers, groceries very easily.

This cart also has multi-functional features. It can be used on different items. You can use the cart for traveling purposes, shopping purposes, moving boxes, and even storage containers. It can be used to carry your car seat as well.

This cart is very to use. It is collapsible. You will ease and comfort while using it. The telescoping handle can extend 29 to 42 inches easily. It has two bungee cords and a simple push-button for the handles.

Easy to Store
This cart has a unique and effective design for the wheels. You can control the cart comfortably when you are going to store the hand truck. The dimensions are 18.9 x 20.1 x 42.3 inches when unfolded and only 29.5 x 2 inches when folded.

Seville Classics Folding Hand truck

Seville Classics Folding Hand truck

The Seville classic folding cart comes with an affordable option. It is a user-friendly product. Although it is cheap compared to the others, it comes with some great and useful features. Comes with two wheels and 150 pounds of weight capacity.

This cart will surely make your traveling and moving easier. It consists of a durable aluminum alloy. Has folding and convertible hand truck feature. It is also lightweight. The cart runs on quality rubber wheels for fast transition.

This affordable cart is very convenient. It is portable and collapsible. You can easily fit it in cars and make quick grocery runs. You even use it home for moving furniture and other items as well.

Multi Usage
This cart can easily hold 150 lbs. So, you can transport boxes or other components from work.  You can also use it at home. It also had an extendable handle for smooth controlling.

Size Measurements
The cart’s overall dimension is 15.35 inches x 16.54 inches x 39.37 inches. But when it is folded, it becomes 15.35 inches x 2.36 inches x 25.2 inches. And the toe plate size is 11.04 inches x 15.35 inches.  It features a telescopic handle.

Coocheer Aluminum Smallest Folding Luggage Cart

Smallest Folding Luggage Cart

This is one of the very best carts on this list. The Coocher aluminum is durable along with a sturdy structure. You can stick to multiple items at once, no matter the size. This is a very comfortable product to use for traveling, delivery, or groceries.

Unique Design
The coocher aluminum folding truck has a great design. It has two adjusting gears. The design allows it to fold easily. Easy to pack and transport. No noise pollution.

Great Performance
This cart can hold big industrial handlings. It can carry up to 80 pounds. It has a base plate that is super easy to unfold. It consists of plastic and light metal, making it easy to carry. You can easily fit this cart into your car.

Its folding size is 11 x 16 inches ( L x H). Opened file heights are 19.5 and 27.0 inches, respectively. The nose plate size is 11.8 x 10 inches. It has two wheels of 3.5 inches each and weighs around 3.5 lbs.

Easy to Store
The portable handle and compact design make it very easy to store. You can put it in your car or even carry it by hand. And it has a maximum capacity of 88 lbs.

Travel Folding Luggage Cart

Travel Folding Luggage Cart

This fine cart by Conair is here to serve you with many great features. This product is very lightweight. You can store the product anywhere when you are not using it. It can carry bags and other equipment quite easily. It is constructed with durable steel that weighs only 3.25 lbs.

Quality Material
The cart is made out of aluminum alloy. Being lightweight, it is straightforward to carry it around. It is ideal for home usage, renovations, transporting heavy items. It weighs about 3.25 lbs. and can hold 75 lbs. It includes a bungee cord. The luggage cart also has two 3-3/4-inch wheels for fast-moving.

This cart also has excellent usability. It can help you move through all sorts of places like the airport, bus station and even boats. It comes in different sizes and functions. But it’s performance will be the exact no matter the size.

Travel smart by Conair has a variety of accessories to offer. It provides you storage options, steamers, humidifiers, styling tools, and other accessories. You can use the components you prefer. It has a high handle of 34 inches. It makes it comfortable to carry around.

This product has excellent support wings and safety hooks. The support wings are also expandable. These wings and design make the product durable.

Xcellent Global Folding Luggage Cart

Xcellent Global Folding Luggage Cart

The Xcellent Global Folding Luggage Cart is a great company to carry around while traveling. It is very lightweight and able to carry heavy items. It has a sturdy base plate and robust. It also features telescopic handles, and the product consists of aluminum alloy. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Simple Storage Capability
You can simply fold the cart when it is not used. The cart’s design allows it open and closes within a second. Simple storage allows the product to be packed fast, giving you total ease and comfort.

This Xcellent cart is very long-lasting. It is made out of aluminum alloy. Comes in 3 different sizes. And these allow the cart to hold various items. It can carry up to 88 lbs.

The body dimension of these carts is 15.7 inches x 10.6 inches x 3.5 inches. It comes with a hand truck and two bungee cords. They add extra protection. The net weight is around 2.75 lbs.

Solid Structure
The cart has a stable and reliable structure. It consists of aluminum material. The luggage cart is rust-free and corrosion-free. It has two small but strong wheels that allow it to move freely and quickly.


There is no denying the importance of folding lugging carts. They can make your traveling stress-free. And in this article, we entirely focused on some of the best folding luggage cart and their features.

You can easily find the similar and non-similar features of these great luggage carts. There are many factors that you need to consider before you buy any luggage cart. We focused on durability, weight capacity, price, and other essential factors. So, take a good look at the article and purchase your preferred product.

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