Best Holster for Springfield XDS [Buyer Guide 2021]

How do you define the best holster for Springfield XDS among hundreds of items?

Buying the most refined product can appear elusive without knowing about holsters for a handgun. You may think of choosing anything fit to your Springfield XDS. But it does not work with three things correctly:

  • Safety or protection to the gun
  • Retention securing
  • First and emergency access to the gun

Once you find your gun providing these facilities, you are a step ahead of choosing the right holster. Besides these, the structure, longevity, dimensional features would make the thing great.

Types of Springfield XDS Holsters

There are a couple of variations of these portable gun storages:

Primarily two types:

  • Open carry holsters
  • Concealed carry holsters

Each country, region or state have different lawsuits to follow. So, first, you should be acknowledged whether you are permitted to carry a gun or not. Even if you are allowed, you should know how openly you can carry it.

Open Carry Holsters

Open carry holsters are for mostly used by police or security professionals recommended by the government. These gun holsters give faster access to a firearm. These holsters can be used attaching with

  • Shoulder
  • Drop leg
  • Ankle
  • Belly Band
  • Paddle

These holsters are preferably suitable for hunting, hiking, or property security. You can quickly draw and re-holster the gun from the holster. Therefore, it gives warning to criminals from committing further crimes.

However, it may seem dangerous or threatening to your neighbours carrying a gun openly. Even some users feel shy to practice shooting using open carry holsters to avoid public attention. You may also feel a bit nervous even if you are pro in the crowd.

Outside the waistband (OWB) is a famous form of open carry holsters. These holsters are placed outside the belt of your pant or clothing. They may be worn with a light jacket or on your shirt. Also, it is helpful for casual movements. You can sit, walk, and run easily while keeping OWB holster. However, you will need a solid, sturdy belt to keep the holster in position.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed – the word describes the fact all. You can carry a gun yet covering it to avoid anyone’s eyes. These holsters can hide the weapon while giving you safety, security, and faster access. Typically, these units remain hidden under your shirt or pant close to your body. You can find concealed carry holsters to attach with:

  • Pant pocket
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle

Concealed carry is good for keeping the matter of carrying a gun hidden from threats. You will also feel comfort and shy-free for training as none knows about your gun. You can remain absolute low-profile and unidentified in public. Secret security groups, armed professionals, government officials use this type of holster.

But there is an issue. Many states do not allow their citizens to carry a murdering or hurting weapon secretly. Again, the direct contacts of the gun to body skin may cause irritation, discomfort, and sweat. Sometimes, it takes a few more moments to open and re-holster the gun.

Inside the waistband (IWB) is a popular form of concealed carry holster. You can carry the weapon on your belt under your shirt or upper wear.

These holsters are positioned between underwear and pants. You may attach it to the back, or left/right for flexible uses.

Best Holster for Springfield XDS

Since you know the types of handgun holsters, we are here to add exciting things. We have studied the market, read all the user reviews, examined some great items. These holsters are made of right materials and give you ultimate feel, safety, and security. Check these below Springfield holsters for more information:

Amberide Springfield XDS 9mm Iwb Holster

springfield xds 9mm holster

“Gun covers you; we cover the guns” – this is what Texas-based company Amberide says to its customers. Amberide IWB Springfield XDS Kydex holster is an excellent gadget to give you fast draw and safe bearing.

This black color holster adds confidence of carrying a pistol. It has more exciting features like these:

Kydex Material:
Amberide gun holster is made of 0.8” solid Kydex materials. This left-hand IWB gun bearer is exceptionally lightweight, simple to carry with full comfort. Besides, you can wash this thing with regular water.

Posi-Click Retention System:
You will love to hear the audible confirmation of securing the weapon. The Posi-Click retention system does so for faster reaction moments. You can figure out the force amount to pull and fire with the adjustable retention screw.

Customizable Cant:
It comes with a belt 1.5” belt clip coated with stainless steel, black powder. It enables the bearer to adjust the gun cant at 0°-15°. Adjusting the cant helps to gain versatile draw strokes and friendly carry positions.

Satisfying Service:
It has a full-length sweat guard to protect your gun. Besides, the sturdy design makes it usable for years. Therefore, you can get a replacement or full refund guarantee if the holster does not fulfil your needs.

Tacticon Springfield XDS Shoulder Holster

Tacticon Springfield XDS Shoulder Holster

Tacticon Springfield XDS shoulder holster is for carrying a gun close to the shoulder. This ambidextrous firearm holster can be used under or over the torso.

This shoulder holster gives satisfying performance while keeping your handgun concealed or open carry. It has a wide range of compatibility with extraordinary features:

Ambidextrous Holster:
Tacticon gun holster saves your precious time and money for separate units for the left or right hand. No worry about being left-handed or right-handed; ambidextrous shoulder holster is wearable on both sides.

Veteran Appreciated:
US military veterans with years of combat experience run the business of Tacticon. They have propounded this holster making idea for best service. You would love to carry a firearm with the product while getting lifetime quality assurance.

Unchallenged Quality:
Tacticon shoulder holster has a build of breathable, padded 600D nylon and neoprene. It gives definite and more significant lifespan besides keeping your body cool and ventilated. The internal soft foam surface prevents it from rubbing or adding discomfort onto your skin.

Extra Dual Magazine:
This thumb break holster allows user to work with retention strap with a thumb back. Also, it comes with an extra neoprene belt clip holster. You can use it for carrying another magazine, a foldable knife, or other non-lethal tools.

CYTAC Springfield Armory XDS Holster

Springfield Armory XDS Holster

CYTAC Springfield armory XDS 45 holster is the best idea if you want holster with modern features. CYTAC serves the hunters, pistol users’ wide range of holsters from 2008.

So, there is no doubt about the potential and quality of CYTAC OWB holster. It has several attractive and helpful stuff like:

Doubt-free Build Quality:
CYTAC right-handed tactical holster is made with no-compromise high-tech polymer. It is incredibly lightweight with satisfying heat tolerance capacity. You can use it under rainy or sweaty weather. Even you can clean it with soapy water.

Adjustable Cant:
This military-grade paddle holster slides safely onto pants or the belt. The Cant is adjustable at 360° rotation with its Allen key.

Quick-draw Facility:
For faster draw and re-holster, it will soothe your mind with its auto-lock system with index finger release button. You can easily use it under loose shirts or coats for concealed carry.

Widely Known:
It is widely recognized to the military professionals, shooting trainers, coursers. You can also find its familiarity among the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, using it for personal use may also be feasible.

LPV Springfield xds Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

Springfield xds Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

Hiding or carrying the gun close to waist is safe. But LPV Products Springfield XDS ankle holster makes it safer. Now, you can carry holster concealed to your right or left ankle.

This neoprene made ambidextrous holster gives you a lot! Read more about this product:

Durable Unit:
Neoprene as building material gives more significant lifespan to the holster. It keeps your skin dry and comfy while transporting moisture. Its snap button and retention strap give silent but faster access to a gun. Therefore, its leather strap is attached to the pocket of the gun.

Safe for Tactical Weapon:
Releasing a gun from the holster can be risky sometimes. But ankle Springfield holster gives protection to your body from gun barrel. The soft ankle protection pad is a piece of love in concealed carry.

No-slip Holster:
As an ankle holster, you might think of slipping of a gun in crises. But this product has upgraded nylon strap with V-shape sewing on the top Velcro. You can easily move on while keeping a firearm concealed.

Universal Calf Fitting:
It has universal calf fitting to fit any calf perimeter without creating any nuisance. You can easily adjust and attach the holster with its nylon strap.

CYA Springfield xds 9mm Concealed Carry Holster

springfield xds 9mm concealed carry holster

Like the Tacticon, CYA Supply is also owned and controlled by the veterans of the USA. The IWB Springfield XDS 45 concealed carry holster is a testament to their experience.

It can easily fit Springfield Hellcat 3’ superbly. There are some more exciting features of this Micro-compact IWB case:

Great Option for Hellcat 3”:
This concealed carry pistol case is specially made for the Springfield Hellcat 3”. It is for the right-handed users who use the gun without light or laser attachments.

Adjustable Cant:
You can use the Hex Allen key to loosen the belt loop’s screw and set the Cant of the holster. The range of carry angle is 0-15°. Besides, you can also use the same key to adjust retention.

Long-lasting Belt Clip:
When you put the gun inside the holster, there will be a positive audible click. The .08” thick belt clip with 1.5” width is coated with stainless steel black powder coat.

CYA Supply has used Boltaron instead of Kydex to give the firearm lovers for fair and faster reaction. Boltaron thermoplastic resists abrasion, chemical etc. You will be free of pistol draw and re-draw marks on your ankle.

Alien Gear Springfield xds 9mm 3.3 Holster

Alien Gear Springfield xds 9mm 3.3 Holster

Alien Gear Springfield XDS 3.3 holster has a unique, sturdy design with black color. It comes in a size of S&W Bodyguard .380 Auto. Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB holster comes directly form United States.

If you are keeping handgun for safety or training purpose, it would be a great hiding case for the item. It has traits like:

Strong Built:
It gives the firearm users good concealment as it is made of neoprene. Also, its thermoelastic polymer made top protects and reduces the risks of your gun. The spring steel and woven ballistic nylon base enable superior spine to the gun.

It offers wide range of adjustability options of ride height, Cant and the retention. You can adjust the cutting edge retention system by tightening the screws. Similarly, composite belt clips help to set ride height.

Skin-safe Kit:
It does not have any compromising factor. The holster retains actual shape due to the soft neoprene backing. This breathable backing wicks sweat so that your body remains cool and scratch-free. The edges of this item are also fabric-covered as bonus comfy.

Easy Control:
Alien Gear springfield xds 45 3.3 holster has a universal shell system for changing shells for versatile models. Again, it does not require a huge time for special care. You can keep the gun even in the rainy season. Water cannot enter inside the holster.

Concealment Express Springfield xds Paddle Holster

Springfield xds Paddle Holster

You should try this Springfield XDS paddle holster for maintaining a safe gap between your waist and gun. It is lightweight, slim, and ready for carrying a gun concealed or open.

Would you like to know the best parts of this OWB paddle Kydex holster? Read below for clarification:

Kydex Holster:
This carbon fiber black, left-handed holster is a great addition in gun holster market. The minimalist design with 0.08” Kydex material may easily remove the worries of carrying gun. It has good compatibility with 1911 3.5″ Officer (NR) (Non-Sig).

Promising Design:
You will feel freedom to draw weapon from it. It has undercut trigger guard to help with drawing. Also, the over-cut open face easily gives storage to threaded barrels including sights.

Friendly Adjustability:
It has also adjustable Posi-Click retention and Cant system. You can hear audible click when you safely insert the gun inside it. Adjusting the retention is also easily possible for the black oxide steel hardware. Cant radius has a range of -5° to +20°.

Built for Sturdy Use:
This holster keeps firearm safe from sweat as it has sweat guard and rear sight shield. Therefore, fiber thread belt clip keeps others’ attention from you carrying gun. You can silent and safely carry it among the crowd.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Holster for Springfield XDS

You have already known the types of handgun holsters. Furthermore, the listed products are great with their perfections and pertinences. There is something more as a bonus for you. Here are some useful tips you should maintain before purchasing a holster; either IWB or OWB:

Build Material:

Kydex is the popular build material of gun holsters. Some are made of nylon, neoprene, polymer etc. But you must make sure they are breathable, non-itchy, and has unique design.


Look for specific retention system in your selected holster. As example: Posi-Click retention-based holsters creates “Click” sound when you insert gun safely. You should also know the Cant radius or carry angle of the Springfield XDS holster.

Health Safety:

You may keep the gun close to your body for couple of hours. Even some users use the gun holster for whole day like the security professionals. So, your chosen unit must have sweat-wicking facility and good access to air.

Right, Left, or Ambidextrous:

This fact is written on the product packages. Ambidextrous is the good choice among all of them. Never mind whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. However, holsters for specific hand side work better respectively.

Trigger Guard:

This is a safety feature of the holster. But it may not be available in all brands or models. Trigger guard prevents accidents while carrying the holster including the guns. There should be an alternative safety guarantee among high-quality gun holsters.

Final Words:

When someone is using or buying a handgun, he should think of choosing the best holster for Springfield XDS. After all, the best thing provides the best facilities life safety, easy application and immense longevity.

The names you have read in this buying guide are far better than the ordinary products. These are affordable, comfortable, and highly recommended. We hope this content will be beneficial if it helps to buy the next Springfield XDS holster.

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