Best Screws For Plastic [Buying Guide & Review 2021]

When you work with thermoplastic or standard plastics for home renovation, maintenance and repair, most people give the least importance to the screws. They think that they can pick any types of screws and it will work fine.

Sadly, it is not valid. The best screws for plastic must be specially designed for plastics. It will work with the least torque and slice through the plastic material with minimal pressure. It is crucial because putting too much stress, and torque on the plastic will cause damage and cracks on it.

Best Screws For Plastic

That’s why we have checked several screws to pick the top five for use with plastics. These screws will easily slice through plastic and are usable with a standard screwdriver. Also, these screws ensure a prolonged lifespan due to premium built quality.

Review of the 7 Best Screws For Plastic

Although many people don’t know, plastics are incredibly sensitive and starts cracking with minimal pressure. These five screws will help you install or fix the plastic materials on any surface without risking such damages.

Steel Thread Forming Screws for Plastic

thread forming screws for plastic

If you ever wanted extra hardened and durable screws for plastics use, grab the rolling screws from Small Products immediately. It has a stainless steel construction to offer the maximum strength while piercing through walls and stick on the plastics.

Also, the black oxide finish offers optimal lubrication for quick installation. It further provides mild-corrosion resistance to ensure durability. The head has 82-degree angling with flatness to provide snug fitting on the screwing surface.

The flathead also means that it will pierce through the material easily without cracking or damaging it. Since it is a thread cutting screw, it creates slight chipping. You need to remove the chips after the fastening is done.

Also, the fully threaded coverage assures that the screw stays put for years without any movement once mounted. Finally, you can use a Torx drive to fasten the screw thanks to its six-point star-shaped indentation. It makes the screwing brisk.

HVAZI Stainless Steel Small Screws for Plastic

HVAZI Stainless Steel Small Screws for Plastic

This assortment kit of small screws for plastic is a combination of hex nuts and screws. The screws are made of premium stainless steel for durability and have a flat head for easy tightening with the driver without any fuss.

Since it is made with 304 stainless steel, it doesn’t react with the chemical. The chemical resistance makes sure it remains safe in the extremist conditions. It has a standard 2” diameter for the thread.  It also has 56 coarse or threaded pitch for each inch which is incredible.

The flat head screw sizes of the assortment kit vary from 5/32” to 7/8” severely. You get 20 screws and 40 nuts for each measure. So, it is suitable for the massive construction sites where you might need to fix thousands of screws. Also, one assortment kit will be enough to serve a home maintenance and repair jobs for years.

Stainless Steel Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

Stainless Steel Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

This is another high-quality screw from Small Products for using with plastics only. Its steel construction comes in handy for ensuring strength. On top of this, the 18-8 stainless steel screws have a black oxide finish. It further assures lubricity and mild-corrosion resistance.

Hence, you will get satisfactory durability from the rolling thread screws. It is installed using a Phillips driver. The Phillips driver permits the driver to slip out of the x-shaped screw head if it detects any over-tightening issues.  Also, it stops damage from such over fastening.

Since the screw functions with a rolling thread feature, it doesn’t create any chips and keeps the workplace mess-free. So, you will love the overall installation process for sure. Also, the stainless steel material with black oxide finish has slight magnetic capacity. It allows the X-driver to stay put with the screw when you fasten it.

Steel Thread Cutting Screws for Plastic

thread cutting screws for plastic

These steel thread screws are recommended for larger 5/8” holes and come in a pack of 100. So, it is used for large construction sites, plus small home repairing. The thread size has standard 4-20 measurements to suit most screwing holes.

It has a pan style head with a flat top. It supports vertical sides for installation. What’s more, its star drive or six-point indentation stays put the driver while fastening. So, the driver won’t slip out of the screw that is a typical case with screw fastening. Also, its Torx drive system makes the tightening job easier than you have anticipated.

It has a stainless steel structure with a black oxide finish. The lubricity offers easy gliding through the plastic holes. On the other side, it also provides mild-corrosion resistance for long time use.

Yosawa Self Tapping Screws For Plastic

Yosawa Self Tapping Screws For Plastic

Self-tapping screws tap the hole on its own as you drive it through the material. It is ideal for soft plastics and thermoplastics. The screw set comes with various sizes to meet your project requirements with perfection.

You get sizes from ¼” to 1-3/4” each having 30 screws in the set.  These are made of stainless steel with a brilliant thread finish. The top-coat has an anti-corrosion finish to expand the longevity of the screws. Its head features a pan style to pierce through the plastic easily. It takes on a Phillips screw for tightening and stays put on the position for smooth fastening.

Pan Head Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

Pan Head Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

The rolling thread screws are suitable for large ½” thread points on ABS and regular plastics. Since it is a thread rolling screwing setup, it creates lesser chips to keep the workplace neat and tidy. The head style features a pan shape with a flat top.

The screw is made of 410 stainless steel for braided functionality. It is an updated version of stainless steel that offers the maximum strength and durability. What’s more, braided steel allows the use of the screws in various extreme environments. Its exterior has a passivation finish to remove iron from the screw.  So, it remains rust and corrosion-free for a prolonged period.

You will need Phillips driver to fasten the screws on the holes. It prevents over-fastening from stopping cracks and damages on the plastic. Lastly, you will get 50 screws in the package, which is sufficient for large construction sites and home renovation.

Steel Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

Steel Thread Rolling Screw for Plastic

If you seek for screws for plastics to use in the extra-large holes such as 1” size, we recommend you use the 1” thread rolling screw from Small Products. The threads of the screws are sharply made to pierce through the plastics without chipping or cracking it.

The head features a flat top with pan design that you can use on ABS, polypropylene, polystyrene, acetal, etc. plastics. The rolling screws have fully threaded feature. It best fits the soft plastics for a quick installation.

You will have to use a Torx driver to tighten the screws on the holes. Also, star-shaped six-point screws stay put with the driver for easy tightening.  Its steel structure with the black oxide finish keeps rust and corrosion in the far corner. So, it enjoys a longer lifespan.

Buying Guides

When it comes to selecting the screws for using with the plastics material, the choices are literally wide open. So, you need to be meticulous while choosing one. Thus, you must consider the following facts for the screws to use with plastics.

Thread size:

Each screw supports a particular thread size. You will see most screws supporting 4-20 thread size. So, check the label that meets your necessity.


The screws are available ¾” 5/8”, ½” and 1” lengths mostly. You must know which screws length will fit the plastic holes. Then choose the right sized screws for plastics accordingly.

Strength and durability:

The power of the screws is dependent on the building material. All screws in our review are made of stainless steel here. The durability, on the contrary, comes from the exterior coating. Both black oxide and passivated layer ensure rust-resistance for superior durability.

Driver type:

All the screws are available in two types, Torx driver and Phillips Driver. Both drivers support easy and comfortable installation. So, we leave it to your preference.


Not all screws are usable with all types of plastics. Some are usable with the soft plastics while other screws can be used for both thin and thick plastics. Check the label to find the actual usability of the screws.


Screws are an indispensable part of home remodeling, maintenance and new construction sites.  Also, different materials ask for additional screws for tightening and fixing the items.  If you want to use the screws for plastics, you need to select them wisely.

In this regard, our picked five best screws for plastics will help you with the purpose. These screws are made of premium steel with the rust-free coating to ensure maximum strength and durability. Finally, you will love the broader application of the screws in extreme conditions.

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