Best HEI Distributor for Chevy 350 [Buyers Guide & Reviews]

If you want to provide a little more power to the engine and ensure better combustion and efficiency, you would probably want an HEI distributor for the car. HEI distributor refers to high energy ignition, which provides a hotter spark for better engine efficiency and a smooth driving.

However, since its introduction in the automobile industry in the 1970s, many manufacturers have been producing tons of HEI distributors for different engines. So, you might already know how difficult it can be to find the best HEI distributor for Chevy 350.

Best HEI Distributor for Chevy 350

Well, you can keep your fears deep into Mariana Trench as we have picked the ten top-class HEI distributors for Chevy 350. These useful tools will ensure that the Chevrolet small block engines get the best sparks, higher fuel efficiency and power. Also, it generates less emission that contributes to preserving our mother earth too.

Best HEI Distributor for Chevy 350

Many people prefer the HEI distributors for the Chevy 350 because these are easy to install and incredibly affordable. Also, these are quite flexible to use. However, with tons of options, the selection can be tedious.

Voltstorm Performance HEI Ignition Distributor

Voltstorm Performance HEI Ignition Distributor

The aluminum made HEI distributor promises high performance and durability. Hence, we picked the performance HEI distributor as our top selection for good reasons. It also ensures a remarkable sporting application too.

Direct fit:
The best part of the Voltstorm distributor is its direct fit for the GM and Chevy engines. It equips with an ignition module of 4-point. It makes the installation brisk and comfortable, even with ABC knowledge on automobiles.

High spark:
The HEI distributor provides high-voltage 75000 coil sparks. It does so with the 9000RPM. Both are a perfect upgrade for sports and racing application on the automobiles. The overall output is 65000 voltages with a maximum 7500RPM.

High endurance:
The aluminum made HEI distributor promises to be durable enough for extreme driving conditions. Its body also has full CNC machine construction. All these contribute to a consistent 9000RPM ignition for comfortable car driving. Moreover, the manufacturer has TS16949 certification, which is a bonus too.

Broad compatibility:
Another prominent feature about the tool that insisted us on including it to our review is its broad compatibility. It is usable with small blocks and big blocks engine of various brands.

  • The aluminum body has a full CNC machine structure
  • Both the red cap and HEI is of standard size
  • Racing application is possible with 9000RPM output
  • The tool is compatible with Chevy, GM, Pontiac and other car models
  • Some customers questioned the reliability

CFR Performance V8 Hei Distributor

CFR Performance V8 Hei Distributor

CFR Performance is a dependable and major car and truck accessories suppliers across the USA. Their long experience has helped them made this ultra-durable and top-performing HEI distributor for various car models.

Durable housing:
The housing is made of Full CNC machined feature. Also, it has additional polishing that ensures rust and corrosion prevention. Also, it works fine in extreme heat and cold. So, you won’t have to worry about the weather changes anymore.

Improve efficiency:
The vacuum canister has an advanced design. Also, the vacuum canister is comfortably and quickly adjustable, which improves the overall efficiency of the automobiles. It reduces fuel cost while boosts vehicle performance.

High output:
The coil of the HEI distributor has an incredibly high output with 65000 voltage spark. It delivers such a high voltage spark using 7000RPM. Furthermore, the spark alignment is made perfect. So, it ensures immediate response to the sparks even at such high RPM.

Brass terminal:
The cap of the HEI distributor is made of premium material. Its terminals are made of solid brass for durability and high endurance. It promises the desired performance every time with the maximum conductivity too.

  • The bottom gear is made of chrome alloy for use with billet cams.
  • It includes all the accessories needed for the installation
  • The vacuum advance adjustment is easy and quick for all
  • The cap and the housing is made of durable material for long service life
  • The spark distributor is a bit expensive

A-Team Performance Small/Big Block EFI TBI Distributor

A-Team Performance Small/Big Block EFI TBI Distributor

This A-Team performance unit is a direct yet improved and updated replacement for the OEM spark distributor that promises a heavy-duty service. Moreover, its higher RPM and durable construction make sure you love every day of its service life.

Heavy-duty construction:
The steel gear has chrome construction. Also, the aluminum housing is made of CNC machined feature. The interior has steel design and trigger is made of magnet that makes sure it never fails to provide the maximum spark ignition.

Original fitment:
A-Team has made the spark HEI distributor with excellent improvement. Thereby, it works even better than OEM parts and offers your automobile the smoothest performance. The EFI distributor is the perfect direct fitment for stock units with quick installation.

Computer control function:
The advanced EFI TBI distributor is made compatible with computer control operation. It assures you pinpoint accuracy for maximum voltage spark and coil output. So, you will enjoy the racing car application with this distributor.

Wide compatibility:
The EFI TBI distributor is compatible with small block engines such as Chevy 350, 305, and 454. Also, it is usable with a variety of vehicles without any adjustments.

  • The magnetic trigger is made of high-quality material for consistency
  • The RPM range is higher than a standard HEI distributor
  • Its 12 volts power enables the unit to use entirely with both Chevy small and big blocks engines.
  • The pricing is modest.
  • There’s no instruction for the fitment.

Assault Racing Products 1035001 Small Block Chevy

Assault Racing Products 1035001 Small Block Chevy

This HEI distributor from Assault Racing Products is a perfect choice for all Chevy 350 plus some other small blocks Chevy.  You will get the best performance thanks to its premium construction and improved functioning.

Super output:
When you mount the HEI distributor in your vehicle, it promises to deliver the maximum output. In fact, you will get 65000 voltage output at a 7500RPM range. It is sufficient for racing and sports car application too.

Many HEI distributor comes with a higher RPM range and voltage output. But most of them lack consistency. Well, these are prehistoric talks with the 1035001 distributors for small block Chevys.  You will praise its consistency and dependability even when the conditions are unfavourable.

Dual compatibility:
The HEI distributor has remarkable compatibility. It fits both the Chevy 350 small blocks as well as the big-block V8 engines. So, you can use the distributor with a wide variety of vehicles, including sports cars even.

Durable housing:
The housing of the tool is made of steel with chrome walls. So, it is safe from rust, corrosion, crack and overheating. Thereby, it promises to last longer than you might anticipate in real life.  Also, the advance vacuum of the housing provides maximum settings for the ignition systems.

  • It fits with perfection due to the easy installation
  • Its better power and efficiency ensures a pleasing performance
  • The engine adaption is made perfect with the vacuum advance adjustment
  • It helps sports cars run faster
  • The dowel pins will break easily

MOST PLUS Racing HEI Distributor For Chevy 350

MOST PLUS Racing HEI Distributor For Chevy 350

This HEI distributor is a perfect direct fit for Chevy small blocks with a high-performing and racing capacity output. Also, its aluminum housing with chrome wall is made for durability.

Brass terminals:
MOST PLUS Racing ensures that the HEI distributor has a premium construction for the ignition module. Thus, the brass terminal offers maximum conductivity for smooth ignition and better performance. And the durability is also reliable with the solid terminals.

Integrated cap:
Its cap comes with a stylish outlook. But it is not about the appearance that we are concerned about at all. The lid keeps all harmful materials and effect at bay from the ignition module. Hence, the HEI distributor enjoys an extended lifespan.

Complete packaging:
The product is packed with everything necessary for the direct fit with Chevy 350 plus other small blocks engines. It includes rotor, cap, coil and the ignition module. However, it is recommended that you seek professional help for the proper installation.

Direct replacement:
If you seek for a high-quality direct OEM replacement for the HEI distributor, look no further than the Most Plus racing unit. It consistently delivers 65000 voltage output at 7500RPM for racing applications at ease.

  • Brass terminals offer maximum conductivity
  • Includes everything in the package for installation
  • The ignition is consistent and reliable
  • No installation instructions included

CARMO CAR Performance Replacement for Chevy

CARMO CAR Performance Replacement for Chevy

Whether you want a replacement for the small block or large block Chevys, the Carmo Car HEI distributor works fine for both engine types. Also, its wide compatibility and consistent ignition offer drivers an excellent experience.

Direct fit:
The replacement HEI distributor features a direct fit for the GM applications. The ignition module has 4-pin utilization for such direct fitment. Also, the fitting is made correct so that it doesn’t hamper the driving experience.

Enhanced RPM range:
The coil spark facilitates 75,000 high voltage ignitions. Also, it features 9,000RPM of speed rotation during the racing application. So, you will enjoy the faster car speed with a smooth performance.  The heavy-duty construction assures the consistency too.

The HEI distributor housing is made of CNC machined aluminum housing. Also, the chrome bushing protects the tool from external damages to ensure long service life. It further provides a safe installation with any risk factor.

Heavy-duty construction:
The gears are made of hardened steel of the highest quality. In fact, it ensures even a better construction than the original parts. Furthermore, the heavy-duty structure makes sure it is worth every single penny spent on it.

  • Wide range of RPM and ignition output
  • It is a perfect upgrade for the racing application
  • The installation is easy even for the amateurs
  • The customer servicing is satisfactory
  • It has one of the widest engine and vehicle compatibility
  • The vacuum advance adjustment is somewhat junky

Bravex High-Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor Chevy 350

High-Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor Chevy 350

This is a standard size high energy ignition module that fits both Chevy and GM applications. Its consistent output and enhanced RPM range ensure a racing application with faster driving experience. Also, it generates less emission.

Standard size:
The HEI distributor is made for both small block and big block engines of GM and Chevy. Also, its standard size means it is a direct fit for both types of engines. You won’t have to depend on tweaking anything for the installation.

High-voltage output:
The ignition module delivers 7500 RPM consistently. It offers much greater speed with the provided 65000 voltage output of the coil. What’s more, you get maximum 75000 high-voltage ignition spark. It is suitable for racing applications.

Direct fit:
GM refers to the HEI distributor as a direct fit for their engines. It features an ignition module with the 4-pin facility. So, the fitment becomes brisk.

Broader compatibility:
The tool supports installation for both small block and big block engines. Also, it has broader compatibility in terms of the engine models. For instance, it is a perfect HEI distributor for Chevy 350, 400, 427, 454, etc.

  • Quick installation possible
  • The pricing is modest
  • Ideal for both big and small blocks
  • The package comes with all kits for installation
  • It has a questionable durability

JDMSPEED HEI Distributor With Spark Plug Wires Combo Kit

JDM is a dependable automobile aftermarket parts manufacturer with immense popularity across the USA. This time they introduced a combo kit for Chevy 350. Yes, this combo kit offers a professional-quality spark plug wire set along with the HEI distributor to boost the vehicle utility.

2-in-1 package:
The package includes both spark plug wires and HEI distributors. So, when you want to enhance the vehicle spark and ignition, simply put your hands on these ultra-performing combo kit. You will love its consistent spark boosting.

Both the ignition module and spark plug wire set is made for superior racing applications. It even has spark wire boots to keep the wires safe from overheating. The overall construction is made durable with all safety features.

Red cap design:
The red cap has a premium design. It ensures that the ignition module is crack and damage-free. Also, the brass terminals offer maximum conductivity for smoother speeding of the vehicle.

Wide usability:
You can use the entire set for Chevy 350, plus all the popular small-block models in the market. But that’s not all. It is equally useful for big-block engines of Chevy and GM as well.

  • A perfect combo kit for most engines
  • Boosts engine performance substantially
  • Pricing is reasonable and friendly
  • Brass terminals offer maximum conductivity
  • Some customers reported that the wires are not of the same length

King Auto High-Performance Professional Racing Hei Distributor

Professional Racing Hei Distributor

Even if you are a novice or beginner, you will find the quick installation of the HEI distributor relatively easy. Also, its GM application supports the fastest installation too.

Superior outline:
We loved the outline of the ignition module for faster acceleration and a smoother driving experience. In fact, King Auto Parts manufacturers all the essential tools for the distributor that exceed OEM standards in most cases.

Remarkable housing:
The shaft housing is made of CNC machined aluminum to ensure maximum strength and voltage delivery to the engine. The built-in steel construction is a perfect fit for the engines too.

Brass terminals:
The brass terminals are made to withstand extreme conditions. It also ensures maximum conductivity. Hence, your car will enjoy the acceleration with the racing applications.

Easy installation:
The distributor package comes with both BBS 454 and SBS 350 distribution features. It makes the ignition module fitting and installation brisk.  It is so easy to mount that even a novice can do it.

  • Hook up wire supports quick installation
  • Suitable for trucks and cars both
  • It ensures less friction with hard wiring
  • No customer service and warranty

MOST PLUS Distributor & Spark Plug Wires Ignition Combo Kit

MOST PLUS Distributor

The final product in our review list is another brilliant combo kit from Most Plus. It includes spark plug wires and the high energy emission distributor. These tools together boost the performance of the vehicle brilliantly.

A complete kit:
When you purchase the combo kit, you won’t have to buy anything separately. It includes spark plug wires, rotor, coil, ignition module and anything essential for the installation. So, it is a money-saving deal.

Made for high-performance:
The distributor has a brass terminal to ensure maximum voltage flow. Its enhanced conductivity makes sure the vehicle gets better acceleration with smooth driving performance in every situation.

Direct replacement:
The manufacturer has recommended that the HEI distributor as the direct fit for OEM parts. It actually exceeds the OEM standards in most cases for trustworthy performance.

  • The steel construction and cap ensures a lasting service
  • Both the spark wire and distributor support easy mounting
  • The pricing is modest
  • No user manual in the package

HEI Distributor for Chevy 350 Buying Guides

When you want to get a proper and utility HEI distributor, you should prepare a checklist for it. It will help you get the right ignition module without much hassle. The following guideline should help you design the requirements checklist better.

Construction quality:

You must check the materials to manufacture the components of the distributor. A distributor with brass terminal and steel housing is the best recommendation in this category. It will wear out later than regular ones.


The flexibility of the HEI distributor improves the overall performance of the vehicle. If you instantly fail to pick the right one, it will, in fact, reduce vehicle performance. So, be aware of it.


The HEI distributor installation must be accessible, even if you are a novice. If the installation is complicated, it can damage the vehicle. Look for a tool that serves with a proper guideline for the facility in the user-manual. Also, the package should include everything needed for the assembly.

Less friction:

It will soon create a messy situation if the distributor has a higher friction level. Higher friction means the distributor is vulnerable to corrosion. So, you will have to replace it sooner than anticipation. Thus, it is better to get a unit with the least friction possible.

Complete kit:

Some manufacturers will only sell the HEI distributor. If it happens, you might need to purchase the coil, rotor and other things separately. It will only add up to your costing. Hence, it is ardently and prominently suggested that you get a complete kit for the HEI distributor. It also supports quick mounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What HEI means in the HEI distributor for Chevy 350?

A: HEI mostly refers to the high energy emission in the HEI distributor. However, some people tag it as electric emission distributor as well. The tool actually refers to the distributor cap design made by GM in between 1974 to 1980. But it continued its legacy even now.

Q: How do I know when the HEI distributor needs replacement?

A: There are few signs that you can observe to know whether or not the HEI distributor needs replacement. Firstly, the engine will fail to start or show abruptly on and off while driving. Secondly, if you see that the engine is consuming more fuel than usual, it is a sign of a wearing out HEI distributor. Lastly, failing into the smock check also means the HEI distributor is going worse from bad and needs quick replacement.

Q: Is vacuum advance really essential for the HEI distributor?

A: If you want to speed up the acceleration smoother and better, getting the vacuum advance will benefit you primarily. It will help you ardently to get the desired speed without any hitch from zero to the top-most acceleration. Also, it is a cheaper unit, and so, you can think about getting one along with the HEI distributor tool.

Final Words

The best HEI distributors for Chevy 350 will boost the engine performance and reduce the fuel cost considerably. The OEM part needs replacement, and during the replacement time, these ten reviewed HEI distributors will surely come in handy for the selection.  These aftermarket HEI distributors, in fact, exceed the OEM standards most time which is a big bonus.

Also, when you see the HEI distributor wearing out, change it with immediate effect. It will ensure a smoother performance form the vehicle.

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