Best Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liners [Buying Guide] - July 2022

Having a luxurious bathroom in my new apartment became a must to have a curtain in it. I have bought a lot of curtains but all of them had to be changed after a little time. Molds and mildews became a regular attacker in them.

After a lot of researches, I finally came up with the solution to having the best mildew resistant shower curtain liner for my bathroom. After I equipped it, it is serving me well till now without any hesitation.

These specialized shower curtains will resist any bacterial or allergens to make living on it. Apart from that, they are water-resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about its longevity.

Best Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

There will be grommets and magnets in the curtain liners. You will be getting the best of it with their application and extra weight additives. The overall beauty it presents to your washroom is also very outstanding and eye-catching.

I have used only one single curtain liner. But during the research, I got to find many more that possesses nearly the same features and can serve the same purpose.

Best Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liners

Amid the research, I found 8 best shower curtain liner no mildew that serves the best for mildew resistant. Their features and short descriptions are as follows.

LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner

Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

For heavy-duty purposes, the LiBa PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner is undoubtedly a highly recommended shower curtain to have. Whether you use it in the bathroom or your house, you’ll always get the best out of it.

This microbial mildew resistant liner sustains for a long time. Any errors can hardly be visualized in this shower curtain liner.

The mildew treatment growth of the curtain liner is 4x times than the others in the market. It also comes in a specialized manner to stop the growth of microorganisms. It ensures good protection of the texture of the curtain liner.

The curtain liner is designed to be fully waterproof. There are no chances of it being affected by rust or other issues because of its 12 rust-proof material.

Color and design:
It comes with 3 timeless color options for your choosing. The curtain when hanged will have an outstanding atmosphere to provide. The overall sight also looks great.

The shower curtain liner comes in three different dimensions. They come in 32” x 72”, 72″ x 72″ and 72” x 84”. Any standard-sized shower can easily be fitted by it. There are 3 heavy magnets on the curtain liner to keep the curtain in place.

The curtain liner is made up of 100% PEVA material. It contains no chlorine or PVC to provide the best comfort to the environment.

  • Suitable for standard sized bathrooms
  • Made up of high standard materials
  • The material is never damaged
  • The durability of the curtain liner is not that much firm

EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

With vinyl formation, the EPICA Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner comes with the perfect strength and long-lasting features. You can get the best out of it to hang your curtains in your bathroom for a long time.

This mildew resistant shower curtain can sustain by holding heavy curtains. Its traits and formation make it a very capable one to have.

Heavy-duty vinyl drapes:
This shower curtain liner serves for heavy-duty purposes. The heavy-duty vinyl wipes the clean very convincingly.

Mold free:
The curtain liner is fully resistant to bacteria and molds. This restrains to be any kind of allergens free for around 24 months. The allergic persons can perfectly get the best out of it.

Rust free:
The nylon mesh header of the best shower curtain liner no mildew makes it more suitable to be rust free. The metal grommets above it make it fully compatible in ensuring perfect strength and durability.

Curtain maintenance:
The Epica line drapers can easily hold the curtains in the perfect place. This required no extra magnets or other things to control it. The thickness of the line drapers does the work.

  • Coms with 2 years guarantee replacement
  • Water-resistant and free of rust
  • Can be used for heavy-duty purposes
  • The lightness of the curtain liner makes it bend sometimes

Maytex Super Heavyweight Premium 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

When the purpose is to use a shower curtain liner for versatile uses, you cannot ignore the Maytex 10-gauge shower curtain liner. The quality of the manufactured material and its long-lasting traits makes it a favorable one.

You won’t have to take much care in cleaning it from time to time. Having some feasible traits and outstanding features, this curtain liner can be the one you’ve been looking for.

Vinyl liner:
The formation of the curtain liner consists of vinyl. This 10-gauge super heavyweight shower liner requires no extra magnets to hold the curtains and perform its usual tasks.

Easy to hang:
The curtain liner requires no extra complications to equip and perform. That means you won’t be needing any extra hookers to hand it up. The installed liner is enough to hold the curtain in place.

Treated agents:
The reinforced mesh header of the curtain liner makes it pretty durable and robust. The header assures the curtain liner to resist any kind of external effect or damages. This also makes the curtains to be fully fit and fine to sustain for a long time.

Rust free:
This shower curtain liner is fully dustproof and water-resistant. Because of the rustproof metal grommets, the curtain doesn’t get affected by the rust.

  • No extra complications in cleaning it
  • Keeps the temperatures of the body decent
  • Strong enough to serve for a long time
  • Difficult to clear the mildew if delayed for months

AmazonBasics Heavyweight Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner with Hooks

AmazonBasics Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

The AmazonBasics Heavyweight Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner is one of the amazing curtain liners for mildew resistant in the market. It not only treats the mildew well but also makes it aloof from future attacks.

The specialty of the curtain liner is its traits. The configuration and features of this curtain liner will simply make you fall for it.

The curtain liner is made up of vinyl. You can use the curtain liner for heavy-duty purposes for a long time. This vinyl formation also assures any hesitation in the movement and keeps the curtain aligned with the liner.

The formation of the standard materials of the curtain liner makes it fully water-resistant. Hardly the mildew and the rust can attack the texture of this amazing curtain liner. You can use this liner as a standalone use or with a shower curtain.

Resistant treatment:
The liner is a vital one for the prevention of factors like molds and mildews. Also, any kind of allergens or bacteria can be treated to restrain from the curtain liner. This assures the liner to sustain for a considerable period without any hesitation.

The top header of the curtain liner is made up of reinforced mesh. Coming with 12 rust-proof metal grommets, you will never have to think of replacing this curtain liner again after fixing it.

The curtain liner contains plastic hooks to hang the curtains. The curtain liner measures 72 x 72 inches for full coverages.

  • Long-lasting
  • Rustproof material formation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight that becomes easy to access
  • The smell of the liner can be unfavorable to many
  • The hooks are not durable enough

AmazerBath 2 Pack Thin Shower Curtain Plastic Liners

Shower Curtain Plastic Liners

The AmazerBath 2 Pack Thin Shower Curtain Liners is a recommended curtain liner that treats the mildews well and keeps it away. Being fully waterproof, you can easily get aloof of any kind of mold and mildews from the curtain liner.

The amazing features of this curtain liner are superb and mind-blowing. For long time usage, you can easily get this liner as a preferred choice.

The material of the curtain liner makes it suitable to be waterproof. It can protect the shorter decorative shower curtains. This assures the curtain liner to be durable and sustainable for a long time.

Clear stone formation:
The shower liners are made up of 3 clear stones at the bottom to make it heavy. The thin shower liner assures to be used for heavy-duty purposes. They are heavier than the 3-gauge curtain liners.

Cleaning the curtain liner is pretty easy and convenient. Just wipe it as usual and get the dirt and allergens from it removed. The hooks are changeable and the whole curtain liner fits in any sized bathrooms.

Not only for bathrooms, but you can also get the best of it using it in your rooms, kitchen, camps, hotels, etc. You can use the curtain liner as a standalone curtain liner too.

Metal grommets:
The 12 metal grommet holes are ensured to accommodate the shower curtain hooks conveniently. This enables easier and perfect hanging without any unnecessary displacement of the curtains.

  • The weight of the curtain liner is considerable
  • Very to easy to clean and maintain
  • High suction power
  • Too long for a traditional sized shower

iDesign Mold and Mildew Resistant Plastic Shower Liner

Mold and Mildew Resistant Plastic Shower Liner 

One of the most appreciable water-resistant shower liners is the iDesign Hitchcock EVA Plastic Shower Liner. This works efficiently in assuring no leakage of water inside the shower curtain.

Being a very specialized and robust one, this shower liner can sustain for a long time. You can easily get to know the best of it after knowing its outstanding traits and features.

The shower curtain tends to resist any kind of splashing of the water from inside. The perfect durability and robustness of the curtain make it very suitable to use in washrooms as well in other places.

The transparent nature of the fabric shower curtain liner mildew resistant makes it suitable to be used in different places. You can use it in your kitchen, window, camping, hotels, etc. Also, master bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, guest bathrooms, etc. can be well implemented with this curtain.

The reinforced grommets of the shower curtains make it suitable to be used for s hooks, shower rings, and other shower hooks. You can hang it easily in desirable and suitable places.

Magnetic effect:
The magnets on the curtain liner make it suitable to be hanged properly. It gives extra weight to it and restrains it from blowing away.

You can clean the curtain liner pretty easily. Just wipe it with the mop and get rid of the dust and allergens. The curtains are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry much about its water impact.

  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight and good stability
  • Great suction power
  • Fells apart if not cared for properly

Creatov Design Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant

Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant

The Creatov Design shower curtain liner is one of the best polyester curtains suitable for your bathroom and certain purposes. It is free of any molds and bacterial effects and can sustain for a long time.

The amazing features of this outstanding shower curtain will surely amaze you. Have a look at it.

Rust free:
The curtain liner is fully rust-free. The metal grommets in the curtain restrain any water effect on it. The grommets also provide a sophisticated look at the curtains. There is no chance of the curtains of getting ripped off.

Shower specialized:
The shower liner can be an effective one to be used as a mold resistor in your washroom. Not only that, but you can also use it as a standalone curtain in your bathroom.

The standard bath sized:
The shower curtains are pretty much decorative and fully suitable to be used for any standard sized bathroom. It measures 72” x 72”. You get to have rings in all of these shower curtains.

The curtains are fully waterproof and can run for a long time. This feature assures the molds and mildews to remain aloof from the shower curtains.

  • Very easy to install
  • Can be cleaned easily without any hesitation
  • Quality of the material is of a good standard
  • Though it is said water-proof, some water sprinkle still passes it

GoodGram Heavy Duty Mold & Mildew Resistant Curtain Liner

Heavy Duty Mold & Mildew Resistant Curtain Liner

For a firm use in the bathroom, the Hotel Collection Heavy Duty mildew resistant curtain liner is a very outstanding curtain liner to have. The overall traits and functioning ability make the curtain very suitable to use.

The features of the curtain liner make it suitable to be used at home bathrooms as well as in many places including hotels, kitchen, window, etc.

Magnetic effect:
The fabric shower curtain liner mildew resistant has magnets at the bottom of it. This assures the curtains to remain static in their position. The extra weight provided on it resists it to be blown away.

The curtain is fully waterproof. It won’t show any kind of effect or disturbances when it is in touch with water. Being fully rust-free, the curtain can be the best to be used in bathrooms and showers.

The curtain is included with 12 reinforced metal grommets. The same thing is made up of extra heavy gauge PEVA, which assures the curtain to be an outstanding one.

The curtain is fully mold resistant. There is no toxic smell coming from it. It is BPA & DEHP free assuring you the safest environment.

  • Very durable and can last long
  • Made up of good materials
  • Water and allergen resistant
  • The bottom of the liner needs to be kept clean from time to time

Buying Guide

Amid so many curtain liners for mildew resistant, I had to select one for my purpose. For that, I had to judge them with some criteria.

These criteria are presented as buying guides for you. You must consider these factors before you buy yourself the preferred shower curtain liner for mildew resistance.

Choosing the right size:

Shower size isn’t fixed therefore your requirement for curtain liner will also differ. So, choosing the right size an important thing to consider while buying a shower curtain. There are some standard sizes available but it is wise to know your shower size and buy the curtain accordingly as longer or shorter curtain liner can leak water out of the shower.

Material selection:

A good shower curtain liner is generally made from eco-friendly materials. PEVA and EVA are two good choices. They are free of chlorine and generally have good anti-microbial properties which will work against mildew/mold build-up.

Also, there are water repellent curtains that will give you better resistant against mildew as it dries quickly to reduce rust on the curtain.

Look for magnets:

Magnets on the shower liner are an important feature. They provide the required weight to keep the liner in a fixed position and prevents them from moving around which may result in water spillage.


As you are looking for a mildew-resistant shower liner having a waterproof curtain is a no-brainer. A waterproof curtain will not only easy to clean but also prevents bacteria growth as water can’t stay on the liner to help bacteria grow.

Avoid PVC curtains:

Who wants to breathe in toxic fumes during a shower? Well, if you chose a PVC shower curtain you certainly will inhale toxic chemicals or VOCs. Results from the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) show that PVC curtains contain harmful chemicals including VOCs which are toxic to human health. Again, PVC curtains emit that gross smell.

So, choosing an alternative is a must. Hemp is generally mold/bacteria resistant but other sources like nylon, polyester, PEVA is a good choice.


A shower liner will an opened and closed numerous times during its lifetime. So, there is a chance to rip off the rings eventually. The grommets will help slide along the pole and reduce the stress on the curtain to ensure much longer service time.


In this age, it is very wise to look for reviews on the internet for a certain product before buying as it helps in decision making and also chooses one brand over another to get the best bang for your buck.


How to Prevent Shower Curtain Liner Mildew?

To prevent mildew, you need to cut your shower curtain and throw away some stuff. Clean it and add vinegar to it. After some time, wash it to you have your mildew free shower curtain.

How to Clean Shower Curtain Liner Mildew?

Fill the tub with warm water after removing the shower curtain. Add little bleach in the water and soak the curtain inside the mixture. After a few minutes, run the curtain in the washing machine. You can also wash it by your hand. After washing, hang it properly to get it dried.

Final words:

There shouldn’t be any alternative to have the best mildew resistant shower curtain liner for a firm and good fitness of your bathroom. The durability and long-lasting features will surely enable you to enjoy the best out of it.

Also, the traits of keeping any kind of bacterial effect aloof from the shower curtain ensure a long-lasting of it. You won’t have to change it often and can be benefited financially from it too.

Having all these traits, the curtain also ensures a good-looking beauty of your washroom.

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