Best Scope for Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum [Buying Guides]

Henry Big Boy is a top choice for shooting at close to medium range. Its .44 magnum bullet can pierce the target within 50-200 yards easily with the least chance of missing. But when you choose the best scope for Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum, it will provide you boosted performance. You will get these scopes with multiplied zooming capacity, proper eye relief, reticle for shooting precision.

Some notable benefits of buying the best scope for 44 Magnum are:

  • Increased shooting accuracy at long distance
  • Eye relief prevents eye injuries due to massive kickback and recoils
  • Obtaining the target object faster while the object is moving or standing
  • Scopes can give clarity under fog and rainy conditions
Best Scope for Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum

Finding a scope for 44 Magnum can be easy. But most of them fails to give a long-lasting shooting experience while fulfilling your other requirements. We have used our time and knowledge researching, utilizing, and taking observations from the experts to list some high-quality handgun sights. Please, stay with this page till the end to know the top-notch Henry Big Boy scopes.

At a Glance:

Burris Handgun Hunting Scope
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Leupold FX-II Handgun Scope
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BSA Optics 17 Super Mag Rifle Scope
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Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope
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Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope
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Best Scopes for Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum

We have found these below scopes great depending on the lens, magnification, zooming capacity, reticle style, compatibility etc. These gun sights are extremely good for hunting deer, hogs, rabbits, and other stuff.

Burris Handgun Hunting Scope

Burris Handgun Hunting Scope

Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Reticle is the scope you were searching for for your Henry Big Boy handgun. It can smartly handle the heavy recoil of the strenuous Magnum. It has multiple coats in its optics with superb bright and clear views.

Besides the lucid views, it can give you pleasure of eyes and maximum effortless shooting experience. It can work under adverse weather conditions without leaving any opportunity for shooting failure. Let us see what more offers you can get from it:

Superb ergonomics:
Feel the real thrill of mid-range shooting with Burris matte black gun scope. It is mainly designed for people who love to handle guns with heavy recoil. The high-grade, precision-ground optical ground gives the best accuracy while hunting the prey. The glass of the lens is very crisp and lucid. It has a double internal spring-tension system. You can hold the scope to zero when shock, recoil, or vibrations can happen. The long eye relief allows you to shoot, maintaining a reasonable distance even if there is any shock or recoil.

It can stay strong against any shock, for, water penetration etc. Even the internal tubes are also filled with nitrogen to keep the inside free of fog under cold or rainy weather. However, the optical lenses are larger in size, comparing others for sufficient and satisfying light transmission. Posi-Lock systems bring the changes of the conventional adjustment system via spring. Instead, the retractable steel post helps to stay put and stable when you fire out the gun.

Useful magnification:
Many experts consider the Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm as a promising update as it has 2-7xa variable power. This excellent scope gives the user a broad, transparent, and flexible range for hunting. Besides, it has multi-coated optics that will surely provide you a fabulous bright and large field view. You can adjust the 2x low-end magnification to reach the target as fast as possible. For more customization, you can use the ¼ MOA windage and unique elevation.

Mind-blowing performance:
If you want to know about performance, then it will instantly satisfy you. The optics include a Ballistic Plex reticle while equipped with a shipshape BDC. So, you can hit the target more precisely even at more than 100 yards. The repeatable and accurate turrets settings are also there to never miss the mark. Even when you are at the base under the low-light or glary situation, it will be the best asset for its index-matched Hi-Lume multicoating aids.

Leupold FX-II Handgun Scope

Leupold FX-II Handgun Scope

If you have left shooting with Henry Big Boy or other similar handguns for quality scopes, Leupold FX-II is the right thing for you. The widely known Leupold company makes suitable gun accessories even for the .44 magnum guns. It is very lightweight, reliable, and high performing scope is lasting many years.

It has a 28mm multi-coated, crystal clear lens with great control and features. It gives more shooting light and low glare than other average scopes for Big Boy. Check these features to know more about this scope:

User-friendly design:
You should not purchase low-quality scopes as they will not be user-friendly all the time. But the ultra-lightweight FX-II scope will entirely take your side. It can distribute the energy of the recoil to produce long-lasting performance. The 28mm objective lens provides clear, rigid views of the front side of the gun. Moreover, the Duplex reticle works so friendly in focusing the target quickly. It is excellent gun scope for its solid construction as it works as usual under any dire circumstances like water, fog, shock etc.

Special light management
In this modern era, you would love to use guns with modern technology. FX-II .44 magnum scope has a unique Twilight Max Light management system. This light management system gives the user up to 20 minutes of extra shooting light. It also provides the user with picture-perfect quality image by reducing glare at up to 80%. On the other hand, the 7mm big exit pupil transmits sufficient shooting light flowing inside the scope till your eye. In total, you have the feature to get right contrasted images with high resolution.

Multicoat lens & eye relief:
It has a multicoat 4-lens system that works in versatile ways. It gives proper brightness, contrast, and high transparency even if you target at moving objects. This lens also remains intact from any scratches like the militaries use the scope with high abrasion specs. Besides the lens, the 18” long, non-critical eye relief is more extensive for getting ideal images with all the scout style rifles.

Accuracy and safety:
Leupold claims that FX-II can survive up to 5000 impacts on their recoil simulation machine named Punisher. A .308 rifle’s recoil needs to increase by 3x times to get a single effect in such circumstances. The fixed 4x magnification with rear focal plane (RFP) reticles is genuinely made for using with Henry Big Boy .44 magnum. You can set your shooting precision by adjusting the ½ MOA field click windage and elevation.

BSA Optics 17SM4514x44AORGBCP 17 Super Mag Rifle Scope

BSA Optics 17SM4514x44AORGBCP 17 Super Mag Rifle Scope

BSA Optics 17 super mag scope is suitable for rifles with 20 grain and 25 grains bullet penetration. It works satisfying at an extended range of targets like 300-400 yards.

Once you start using it, you will almost be sure about its longevity and superb built-in performance because it allows the shooter to shoot under foggy or rainy weather for its nitrogen purged scope. Would you like to know more traits about this .44 magnum scope?

Ballistic ranging reticle:
17SM4514 .44 magnum scope comes with a three-color ballistic illuminated reticle. You can use the scope for 20-grain bullets to get a clear view at 400 yards while 350 yards for 25-grain. While the impacts will remain within 2-3” of aim point from 150-350 yards. The RGB reticle has a rheostat on the top of eyepiece. It can illuminate the reticle in three colors like red, green, or blue. Even these colors have different intensity level.

Adjustable objective:
Objective adjustment is an essential factor when looking for the best scope for Henry Big Boy .44 magnum. BSA Optics rejected the idea to have any fixed parallax setting for a specific distance like 50-100 yards. They included a large dial that surrounds the bell to adjust or tune the parallax from 10 to infinite yards. The objective lens diameter is 44 mm.

Dual-range magnification:
Most of the scopes have fixed magnification. But BSA Optics super mag rifle scope has dual-range magnification. The first version of scope magnification is 4.5x at a minimum and 14x at maximum. If you love to hunt target from more distance, you can choose the second version of magnification. You can zoom the scope from 6x to 24x cover 300-400 yards area. However, each version has the same 44mm objective with 1” main tube.

Accuracy & safety:
It has significant 1/8 MOA adjustments for enhanced accuracy. It means you get such outstanding optics aimed for further range shooting. You can click the target-style turrets very positively. The glass lens of this scope gives bright, clear images at a very long distance. You can also shoot under rainy seasons or cloudy weather. For your safety, it offers 3.7-4” eye relief.

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

Simmons is an old boss in the firearm scopes making industry. They started their journey in 1983 and now, they are famous for making different hunting and outdoor devices. ProHunter Truplex reticle handgun scope is an excellent example of their quality products.

Truplex reticle is a budget-friendly scope and popular among the ardent hunters. It is fit for target practice, varmint or rabbit hunting and like these. Read more about this .44 magnum handgun scope:

Sturdy construction:
Handgun produces a heavy recoil, which makes scoping a target challenging. But Simmons Truplex is built for remaining solid and acquiring the target faster. It has a one-inch tube adding more power to the scope. The multi-coated optics, including premium-quality optical glass, are more positive sides of the scope. This optics provides a comprehensive clarity of the brightest, sharpest images. No matter you use rifle, handgun or shotgun, this is going to give you a blast.

Magnification & eye-relief:
It has 4x fixed magnification, but many reviews say you can zoom it 3-10x times. It costs couple of moments to zoom in or out to get high definition images. It comes with a 32mm objective that gives the shooter a wide field of view. It makes the trouble-free acquisition of the target. The Truplex reticle is very much helpful. You can also click the turrets beneath the caps very quickly. Besides these, there is a 3.75” eye relief for professional hunting without hurting your eyes.

TrueZero system:
ProHunter’s handgun scope comes with advanced “TrueZero” windage and elevation system for target procurement. It works like magic to lock in zero beside another feature named QTA or “Quick Target Acquisition.” These adjustment systems together give the maximum target-lock and brilliant results in any hunting. There is a raised tab on the power change ring. It helps with gripping and adjusting correctly.

It is a beast type scope that performs more than average scopes for Henry Big Boy. It remains safe and sound under any adverse weather conditions. From a .375 H&h magnum rifle or 12-gauge slug gun, this scope remains recoil-proof up to 1000 rounds. When you adjust the scope with the ¼ and 1/8 fingertip windage and elevation, it gives the best result competitively.

Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope

Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope

Weaver K4 4X38 is one of the top-quality scopes that come directly from Japan. Japanese are famous for their hands to design such unique things as this scope for .44 magnum handguns.

This matte black scope is very much reliable, rugged and the right choice for 300 yards shooting. Details of this scope will give you clear ideas:

Japanese lens:
Japanese glass for making lenses are always appreciable for their clarity, solid structure, and longevity. The makers of the K4 4X38 scope have proven this with the optics. But using high-end glass is not always costly, which is proved here in this model. The reticle in this scope is of a sharp classic but duplex design. It helps the shooters to see the target through the lenses very neatly. You will get 50 yards parallax-free views.

Long shooting range:
If you love to hunt in the jungle and the prey is further from you, it will be a great asset to use the Weaver K4 scope. It is considered a versatile scope for getting bright views at 300 yards. The multi-coated lenses never fail to give you the real image under any weather conditions. While you shoot at long range, it will work fine with heavy recoil too.

Quality construction:
K4 4X38 is built with rugged, highest quality materials. Rain, water, fog, shocks etc. cannot restrict you from using the scope for hunting. It is a great example of Bushnell products. The 1” aircraft-grade aluminum made tube absorbs shocks while you shoot for a long time. The Dual-X reticle, including ¼” adjustment system is sufficient for the next 100 yards from you.

Weaver scope for handguns is less expensive than other .44 magnum scopes. So, you can save your wallet as you get the finest product from the market. As it is long-lasting, you will not need to move for another scope.

Buying Guides

When you invest in something, you would always expect the thing to be sturdy, efficient, and offers great features. Hunting with a gun still requires perfect accuracy. Scopes for .44 Magnum are beneficial for shooting at long range in different situations. However, you should think of some points before you complete the final purchase of the scope.

Here are those specific considerations you should look for in a Henry Big Boy scope buying:

Lens quality:

Usually, scope lenses are multi-coated for acquiring the best views of the target. These lenses can be of different sizes. The exit pupil of the scope remains closer to your eyes, whereas the objective lenses remain further, transmitting light throughout the scope tube. You should look for lenses that reduce glare but produces sufficient light even under low light conditions.

Eye Relief

Eye relief means the distance between your eyes and the exit pupil. When the gun fires, there will be shocks or recoils, which may hurt your eyes. So, a shooter must maintain distance. For long-range shooting, the eye relief becomes less, and in medium to short-range, it is relatively higher. It’s good to know that your expected scope gives you ample eye relief to prevent any accidents.


You may consider it as zooming capabilities of the scopes. If you shoot the target at a short to medium range, then the 3X-6X magnification would be great. However, it is more than 250 yards; you may consider more magnification capacity like 10X. The more you zoom the scope, the chances of recoil increase. So, you should be wise about what you need for the Big Boy gun.


Reticle helps to gain the target faster and giving you the opportunity for the best precise shots. These reticles can be illuminated like a combination of different colors. Some are red dot sight and some BDC. Whichever you buy, it should meet your preferences.

Weight and set up

Carrying a firearm for shooting can be painful sometimes as guns are usually heavy to carry. If you add heavy accessories to the heavy gun, then it will be impossible to get the right shot at the right target. Lightweight scopes will take less effort and time to aim at the prey. Besides, the set up of the scope should be simple. It will save time in extreme shooting experience.


The best scope for Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum is just a few clicks away from you. You should not leave a single point that could risk your aim or your health. Besides, it’s not so costly and tough to find the perfect one.

All these mentioned products are great for .44 magnum rifles, shotguns, pistols. You can select these scopes depending on your needs. We wish this buying guide, including scope reviews, would help the shooters.

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