Best Blunt Roller Machines For 2021 [Buying Guide]

The role of your tobacco is very crucial for getting its actual effect. If the blunt is not made accurately, you cannot get the desirable smoking from it.

To get the perfect and desirable taste of your tobacco, the best blunt roller machine will assist you vitally. From making the perfect roll to ensuring its natural taste, the roller machine will actively ensure certain factors.

The texture and burning of your roller paper can only be assured with excellent rolling. And that is what you get convincingly from a tough and perfect blunt roller.

When you search and look for the perfect blunt toller machine, the price and quality of it become a question to resolve. But when our expert team is here, you won’t have to worry about that. In this article, we’ll guide you to your desired and expected blunt roller machine.

Best Blunt Roller Machines

Amid a lot of competition, we have come to the conclusion with 5 excellent blunt roller machines. Their price and quality are proven to convenient for any user for their purposes.

Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine

Rolling your cigars becomes more convenient and easier when you use the Juicy Jay’s 120mm. Its ease of use and feasibility serves the purpose pretty well and makes the operation less complicated.

There might be a lot of perceptions in adapting to this rolling machine. But knowing its traits, you’ll be cleared of the topic.

The roller rolls the cigars and tobacco ingredients with a decent finish. It comes out pretty fat and big regarding its uses and desire. You get to roll the cigar and decide its cutting edge after finishing it.

This roller can hold the ingredient more tightly than the others. Your tobacco leaves or cigar won’t get out of the roller showing a good tightness in it.  It is very easy to close the blunt end of the roller and carry on with the roller to smoke.

Big rolling:
The rolling by the juicy jay’s rolling machine can be suitable for huge ingredients. This 4 ¾ “long (120mm) roller can fit a lot of tobacco materials at a time. The spacious capacity also allows the proper distribution of the legal smoking ingredients.

Zen 5″ Inch Super Blunt Cigar Rolling Machine Roller

Super Blunt Cigar Rolling Machine Roller

The jumbo Zen 5″ Inch Super Blunt roller is a perfect one to lit up your smoking in your desired manner.  You get to fit a lot of tobacco leaves and other legal tobacco ingredients in it to proceed to function of this roller.

More or less, this roller is a prominent one to use. Let’s take a look at its unique features that separates it from the other.

Soothing rolling:
The roller is the perfect one to roll the ingredients with a fine guide. The texture of its body allows the whole burning and smoking to be perfect. For rolling heavy joints, the significance of this roller cannot be mentioned in words.

Firm sized rolling:
This roller can the capability to roll at large portions. A single joint can hold up to 3 to 5 gm of ingredients. The spreading of the ingredients is done firmly and it becomes easier to light and burn them up.

High-quality acrylic is used to make this robust joint roller. It makes it 3x stronger than the usual ones having less complacency. They are also much reliable than the plastic rollers for enjoying soothing smoking.

The Raw King Size Blunt Roller Machine

The Raw King Size Blunt Roller Machine

The Raw King Size roller is very common and one of the most used rollers in the current days. With its fine texture and perfect tobacco ingredients blending, it assures you to have a good joint and smoke at the same time.

The traits and longevity of this roller made it a favorable one for the users to adopt it. Let’s take a look at its features and traits.

The whole package will include rolling papers, a machine, and tips. It comes in an organic pack that serves you with all the compatibilities you need while smoking.

You’ll get two kings sized slim organic hemp rolling papers. There are 2 packs, 32 leaves per pack that means 64 leaves.

This king-sized roller is made up of plastic rollers. You can make a roll-up to 110 mm. Throwing the roll after using won’t harm the environment because of its eco-friendly feature.

The wide filter of the joint roller is very robust and comfortable. It has a black velvet pouch for further convenience.

Futurola King Size Rolling Machine

Futurola King Size Rolling Machine

For quick and regular rolling, the Futurola rolling machine is a compatible one to have. With great surface and perfect burning, your smoking will be elevated to a new level with this roller machine.

The characteristics and formation of this outstanding roller machine become a favorable one with its every uses.

The roller machine is included with fat and extra thin rolling papers. These papers are made up of hemp, rice straw, and cellulose. These ingredients are perfect for regular uses and comfortable smoking of tobacco ingredients.

The cigarette-style filter is pretty convenient for smokers to use it now and then. You’ll get cardboard roach strips with this machine.

If you lack experience rolling, this rolling machine will provide you with the most convenient rolling. It has perfect pre-rolled cones for inserting the ingredients perfectly in the roller.

RAW Roller 110mm Adjustable Rolling Machine

RAW Roller 110mm Adjustable Rolling Machine

The two-way RAW Roller machine is a nice and durable rolling machine to have for regular rolling. Every legal tobacco source can be rolled perfectly at the most convenient time with this rolling machine.

No matter what you want to roll with this machine, you can easily get the best of it. With perfect blend and nice fillings, your joints will be perfect in size and shape.

You get two different types of rolling from this outstanding machine. Both the king size and king size slim rolls (110mm) can be made by this roller machine.

The roller is made up of hemp plastics. They are fully eco-friendly having no crucial effect upon the environment. It also includes a double-thick vinyl rolling apron for firm longevity. The tensile strength is very high and you get good durability from this roller machine.

The roller machine is made up of steel. It is compatible with 79mm rolling with firm adjustments. Also, you get to find this in 70mm, 79mm, and 110mm convenience.

Blunt Roller Machine Buying Guide

Before you go on to buy the blunt roller machine, you must look upon some factors and consider them precisely. Otherwise, you might end up getting the wrong one for yourself.

Let’s see what you need to look for before you go on to buy a blunt roller machine.


The rolling size is a matter to look for before you go on to buy a roller machine. Usually, 100-120mm size is said to be standard. Still, the size can be smaller depending on your desire and needs.


The ability of the roller machine to hold up the ingredients together is a matter to consider. If the tobacco ingredients fell off without proper insertion, then the machine will be of no use.

Tensile Strength:

The robust and tensile strength of the roller machine should be considered. Also, the packs included in them should be suitable for use. If the roll doesn’t burn and light up properly, you won’t be able to enjoy the tobacco properly.

Ease of use:

If you’re a newbie in making joint rolls, you must go for the ones with simple use and configuration. Many machines support pre-roll making. You just have to put the ingredients in it and enjoy the rest of it. This sometimes becomes a great means in quick joint makings too.


The filter is the definite place where you get to enjoy your tobacco or joint firmly. If the filter of the roll paper is not good, you won’t be able to enjoy the smoking. Mostly, the acrylic filter is pretty much safe and recommended to use. Besides, there is no harm in using the plastic one.


The perfect blunt can only be made by the best blunt roller machine and you can only get it after using one. there’ll be a lot of differences to be seen mid comparing the unique and the ordinary one.

Don’t let your smoking and enjoyment get spoiled because of a simple underestimation. Get the best one in the market and elevate your blunt to the next level.

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