Best Replacement Gasket For Big Green Egg [Buyer Guide]

Have you forgotten those magical nights of the last winter when you used to gossip, toast, and talked throughout the night. But above all, you would entertain appetite with the best BBQs in the town, thanks to the seamless reliability and versatility of the Big Green Egg grill setup.

The best part comes when all the components of Big Green Egg work fine. However, the BGE’s gasket needs frequent replacement as it comes directly in touch with the high temperature. When you choose the best replacement gasket for Big Green Egg, it lets you cook at a lower temperature for better BBQs.

Best Replacement Gasket For Big Green Egg

The replacement gasket will also work fine as a cushion to protect the grill and close the lid for comfortable and safe cooking. Hence, we have reviewed the seven top-ranked, highly reliable, and durable replacement gasket for Egg, which will help you become the master chef of your country yard like Gordon Ramsey is now.

Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg

The following review will closely look at the best gasket for Big Green Egg to help you out getting one quickly. Remember that the gasket is crucial for safety and proper cooking. So, make some time to read the review.

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket with Adhesive for Large Big Green Egg

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket

High-Que has been manufacturing several quality gaskets for different brands, and the Gold Standard gasket is their latest addition for Egg. It is made of premium-quality material with high-heat resistance for prolonged use.

High-Temperature Endurance:
A gasket must endure extreme heat for a longer period during the grilling time. The Gold Standard gasket leaps miles ahead in this category. The fiber is made from America’s best suppliers. It includes high-temp fiber from the famous Nomex and Golden Kevlar. So, it promises to show high-resistance against extreme heat for safe functioning.

Easy Installation:
You can peel the exterior cover from the gasket and start installing the item directly on the Egg. The peel and stick feature an adhesive that lets the gasket stick with the surface comfortably.  Also, you can use the product to replace nay wool-based gasket.

2-Years of Warranty:
The manufacturer is confident about the high-quality and lasting service of the Gold Standard gasket.  Hence, they generously offer an extended 2-years warranty for America made a gasket.  Also, you get everything necessary for the top to bottom installation. The chimney seal comes as a bonus.

Key Features:

  • Length: 14.5 feet
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Width: 7/8″

LavaLock Nomex High-Temp Replacement Gasket Kit for Lg XL Big Green Egg

LavaLock Nomex High-Temp Replacement Gasket Kit

The complete gasket kit is made to suit every size of Big Green Available in the market. So, whether you have a medium or extra-large Big Green, Lava Lock gasket will be a perfect replacement for the older and worn-out one.

Superior Performance:
The adhesive used in the gasket is one of the leading in the industry. Also, its high-temperature endurance makes it an unrivaled performer for the Big Green Egg gasket replacement.

Easy to Install:
Are you worried about the gasket installation? Brace yourself with the top-class self-adhesive of the gasket kit to quickly replace the older one. It comes in grey color for easy identification. Also, it has a closed lid for safety and quick cure.

Temperature Endurance:
The gasket material is made of industrial quality high OPSY material. Also, the self-adhesive shows superior resistance against heat. All these account for a stable and temperature-sensitive performance from the gasket.

Complete Kit:
The package comes with three kits for Big Green Egg gasket change. Each roll is 15 feet long, which is sufficient to cover the largest Green Egg grill.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 15 feet
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Width: 0.9”

FireBlack Replacement Big Green Egg Gasket High Temp

FireBlack Replacement Big Green Egg Gasket High Temp

You may use the Fire Black gasket replacement to seal the BGE BBQ pit and save a considerable amount of pit and charcoal. Besides, it keeps the fire centered inside the pit for a perfect grill that guests will love to eat.

While most gaskets are fire-resistant, the Fire Black takes such an advantage to the next step with its unique fireproof capacity. It is rated fireproof from 800F to the extraordinary 2300F. So, it won’t catch fire. Also, it stops the gasket from melting due to the heat.

Multiple Size Availability:
The cool-looking fireproof BGE replacement gasket comes in various sizes. It ranges from ½” X1/8″ to the larger ¾” X1/8.” Hence, the gasket will fit the most sizes of Big Green Egg charcoal BBQ pit.

The gasket features self-adhesiveness for quick and easy installation. It will stick to the pit snuggly and won’t fall off easily. The self-stick backing us temperature-resistant too.

Besides BGE, the 15 feet long gasket will be the ideal replacement model for most famous BBQ and grill pit brands in the USA. You can use it to replace gaskets of classic looking Kettle, UDS, Offset Smokers, etc. Also, it is available for most sizes of pits.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 15 feet
  • Thickness:  1/8″
  • Width: Varies according to the sizes

KAMaster High Temp Grill Gasket Replacement Fit

KAMaster High Temp Grill Gasket Replacement Fit

If you want a perfect replacement kit for the large and extra-large Komado style BGE smokers and BBQ pits, our recommendation will be the KAMaster gasket. It is made to withstand high-temp and seal the pit for pleasant and quick cooking.

Easy Application:
Its width is perfect for all large and extra-large BGE gaskets. You won’t have to cut it for adjustment. Just peel the exterior to bring out the shiny adhesive portion and stick it on the pit. That’s it.

Smoke Sealant:
The 14 feet long gasket offers an excellent sealant to the BBQ smokes. Thus, the smoke remains within the grill and doesn’t come out to ruin the BBQ party. Also, it helps you keep the cooking spot neat and tidy without any mess.

Fire Safety:
The Nomex material used to manufacture the gasket is highly resistant to fire. Even the adhesive won’t melt due to heating. Hence, the overall gasket setup offers superior safety. It brings peace of mind to the chef.

Easy Cleaning:
You can use acetone or rubbing alcohol to clean the gasket. Soak a cloth with the acetone and rub it on the gasket to get a cleaner and fresh look.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 14 feet
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Width: 7/8″

SMOKEWARE High-Temp Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg (BGE)

SMOKEWARE High-Temp Replacement Gasket

This is another high-quality gasket replacement for large and extra-large smokers from BGE. But it comes at a relatively lower price. So, it is a nice option if you are on a tight budget for now.

A Nice Upgrade:
Smoke Ware, the manufacturer, claims that the gasket replacement is more durable and dependable than the OEM kit. Also, it works on both polyester and wool pits. Hence, the gasket will be a handy option to upgrade the OEM system.

Heavier Felt:
The replacement gasket features a superb felt with an extraordinary ¼” thickness. It is 3X thicker and heavier than the OEM gasket. So, it endures more workload and serves chefs for an extended period at ease.

Wide Application:
The gasket supports installation for large and extra-large models of Komado like BGE, Signature, etc.  grill pits, which comes as a nice feature. It is also usable for both polyester and wool pits, which is another advantage for broader applications.

Great Packaging:
The packing includes everything necessary for the installation. You get Nomex, self-adhesive, and felt inside the package. The felt nicely covers the chimney and other parts of the pit. You just peel the Nomex exterior and stick the adhesive to mount the gasket.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 12 feet and 8 inches
  • Thickness:  1/4″
  • Width: 7/8″

QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket Big Green Egg High Heat Felt

QQMASTER High Temp Grill Gasket

The QQ Master grill gasket will be a perfect replacement recommendation for those who dislike going fancy and stick to the basics. Yes, the grey colored gasket replacement kit offers just everything you want for a reliable and long-lasting replacement for the OEM pit felt.

The gasket changer is easily usable with all BGE and Premio BBQ pits. Although it was mainly built for large and extra-large OEM gaskets, you can easily crop it to fit the small or medium gaskets.

Superior Material:
The Nomex fabric used for the gasket is of the finest quality. It has high-temperature resistance. So, it won’t melt or burn quickly. You can depend on the quality to replace the worn or fried OEM gasket and expect better performance.

Tight Sealing:
Many people complain that their BBQ has turned out somewhat smoky. It happens if the pit seal isn’t right and lets the smoke come out. Well, when you own the QQ Master grill gasket, you won’t have to face these issues. Its tight sealant keeps the smoke and heat contained inside the pit.

Quick Installation:
With the self-adhesive and quick peeling capability, you can easily mount the gasket on the pit. Its felt is large enough to cover the top, bottom, and sides easily. For durable use, don’t use the grill for the next 12 hours of installation.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 14-1/5 feet
  • Thickness:  0.14.”
  • Width: 0.88”

FireBlack34 for Big Green Egg Small Medium

FireBlack34 for Big Green Egg

Sometimes you may have a small Big Green Egg grill pit or smoker for which you want an excellent gasket replacement. In this regard, the Fire Black 34 will be a perfect choice thanks to its integrated design for small, medium, and the mini BGE version.

Professional Quality:
The gasket supports to use for classic komado style BGE smokers and BBQ pits. It claims to have a professional-grade mechanism for a remarkable performance. Thus, it helps in better cooking and reduces the use of charcoal and fire.

The felt is made of premium material for the gasket. So, it works as a superior temperature insulator to prevent fire and melting. Even the adhesive features progressive temperature resistance for improved durability.

Larges Gasket Length:
You get the replacement gasket at 15 feet long. You can quickly trim the gasket into the desired size to fit the small, mini, or large smokers and BBQs from BGE.  The cropping can be done promptly with scissors only.

Key Feature:

  • Length: 15 feet
  • Thickness:  1/8″
  • Width: 3/4″

Big Green Egg Replacement Gasket Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a replacement gasket for the OEM parts for BGE, you can’t just go in the market and pick one that grabs your attention. Instead, you must thoroughly consider few facts for a dependable, safe, and durable gasket.


A gasket seals the fire inside the grill to stop it from coming out. Hence, it receives a lot of heat during the process. We, therefore, recommend you to look at its temperature resistance. It will ensure that the gasket doesn’t burn or melt with the heat.

Fitting Compatibility:

Not all gaskets will support all models of BGE and other brands. Generally speaking, each replacement gasket will have its appropriate competency written in the label. Check it to ensure it fits your OEM gasket. Ideally, the replacement gasket is either for large and extra-large ones or mini to large ones.So, keep a close eye on the compatibility.


The gasket sticks with the smoker or BBQ with the adhesive. You should get a gasket with self-adhesiveness. So, it will relieve you from buying the bond separately. Also, self-adhesive gaskets are quick to be installed.You only need to peel the exterior to bring the shiny Komex outside with an adhesive cover and stick it into the BBQ. Also, the quality of the self-adhesive material needs close inspection.

Sealant Quality:

The purpose of the gasket is to seal the smoke and fire inside the grill. Manufacturers usually provide a chimney sealer to lock the smoke properly. However, not all replacement gasket comes with the chimney sealant inside the package.Hence, read the label to know whether or not the product offers a chimney sealer.


A thicker felt of the gasket will last more than the thin felts.  Although the standard thickness for the gasket felt is 1/8″, some models are thick up to ¾.” Hence,  try to get a gasket with denser felt for lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace gasket on big green egg?

Use a scraper to remove the old gasket firstly.  Also, dissolve the adhesive using acetone or isopropyl alcohol. Cut and peel the new replacement gasket and start positioning it on the BBQ surface. Continue the placement until it completes the loop.Press the gasket mildly for a snug fit on the surface.

You may use cardboard to press and glue the gasket. You need to use the cardboard piece on the rim section of the BGE.  Now, keep the lid open and allow the whole setup to be strengthened. Finally, leave the cover for the next 24 hours for a proper setting of the gasket.

How to maximize the heat in the BGE?

You should focus on aligning the bottom vent, aka, draft door, with the firebox to ensure maximum airflow. The increased airflow will provide the maximum heating capacity of the BGE.

Final Words

The traditional Komado style Big Green Egg smokers and BBQ pits are highly sought for making the best grills in the town. But to ensure the best grilling, roasting, and BBQ, the gasket quality needs to always be on the peak.Hence, whenever you see it wearing out, quickly use the best replacement gasket for Big Green Egg to ensure proper sealant of the smoke for a pleasant cooking session. Also, it keeps the cooking spot tidy with its locking system of fire and smoke. Last but not least, it saves charcoal uses, which is remarkable too.

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