Best Moisture Barrier for Concrete Floor

Concrete is hygroscopic in nature. Due to this nature, concretes absorb moisture from the earth and then flows them to the basement. Sometimes moisture damages these basements, drawing, living rooms surface below your feet. You can see the floor is dampening, cracked, and fragile. Even when you hear noises and slip on the molds while walking on the concrete floor.

The best moisture barrier for concrete floor can prevent all these problems from occurring. Yes, the best one works like the dependable sub-floor for concretes. It works almost similar to the underlayment of laminate floors.

Earliest Thoughts: You may forget or avoid installing moisture or vapor barrier under the main concrete one. You can save some money and time earliest days. Even many homeowners use polyethylene under concrete floor for the same reason. Polyethylene is objurgated as the “vapor retarder”. It can only slow down the transmission of moisture from a slab. It never works as a vapor barrier underlayment.

Best Moisture Barrier for Concrete Floor

Present Decision: A high-quality vapor barrier for basement floor is made of premium quality Polyolefin resins. It comes with low permeability assurance, increased tensile strength while resisting the puncture more. You will get these benefits installing moisture barrier:

  • Sealing the concrete securely
  • No more fail of overlay bonds
  • No presence of discoloring acid stains
  • Stronger adhesion or aggregates
  • Smooth or even concrete surface
  • Noise-free movements
  • Better damage protection than polyethylene

With these many benefits, will you still leave using floor vapor barrier? If the answer is encouraging, you are welcome to read the full review of the selected moisture barrier for concretes.

Best Moisture Barrier for Concrete Floor

Selecting the wrong moisture or vapor barrier can be frustrating, like using poly under the concrete. The thickness, sound and vibration elimination, longevity, etc. can be comparatively worse in low-quality moisture barriers. We have professionally researched, compared, and listed some great products for you.

Know them with their specialties and be the privileged one as we have found them. Let us start:

Floorlot Shop Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment

Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment

Floorlot Flooring is a widespread name in the home improvement market. Its 200sqft vapor barrier is unconditionally top-class to give peace and comfort to thousands of users. Many professionals and DIYers use this 3mm laminate flooring underlayment. You would be satisfied when you use moisture barrier with these characteristics:

Superior protection:
Floorlot moisture barrier gives the concrete or primary floor extreme protection. You do not need any extra films or base to use it. The tape and overlap system provides you with the assurance of damage and mold-free, dry surface.

Easy installation:
The sub-floor underlayment comes with an adhesive strip. It helps to seam sealing faster. Besides, the peel and stick tape and overlap system offer the simplicity of installation beneath concrete floors.

Low noise level:
You will feel comfortable while walking on the floor. This Floorlot blue color underlayment absorbs sound and eliminates vibration well.

Made for comfy:
This product is compatible with floors like laminate, engineered wood, hardwood, etc. You will feel the same relaxing environment moving on the surface. This vapor barrier makes the imperfections and anomalies of the main floor suave.

  • Blue colored 200 sq. feet per roll of moisture barrier
  • Tape & overlap system for easy installation
  • 3mm moisture protector works with laminate, engineered wood, and hardwood
  • Not too much satisfactory in absorbing sound

Bestlaminate 3in1 Moisture Barrier For Concrete Flooring

Bestlaminate Moisture Barrier For Concrete Flooring

“Flooring is more than a business – it’s a passion.” – this is what Bestlaminate tells its customers on their website. They are indeed top-class home improvement tools maker. 3in1 100 sq. feet. vapor barrier roll is a great example of their products. This ideal and universal flooring underlayment deserves more praises from you because its traits are:

Universal underlayment:
The vapor barrier works great with different types of floors. You can install it under concrete, bamboo, floating and wood floors, engineered hardwood, and so on.

Time-saving installation:
You don’t have to worry about the installation. It has a pre-attached self-sealing tape strip, including the plastic overlap. So, installation takes the least time.

If you are looking for an affordable basement dirt floor vapor barrier, this is the one. It comes in 100 sq. feet roll. Also, the price is comparatively lower than the others.

Sturdy protection:
The 2mm thickness gives long-lasting protection of the main floor from mold, vapor, etc. So, you can stay worry-free for the next couple of years.

  • Universal and cheaper 2mm 100 sq. feet roll
  • Comes with pre-attached self-sealing tape strip and plastic overlap
  • FedEx Ground for free of shipping cost
  • The comparatively thinner barrier may give a bit lower lifespan

Roberts Moisture Barricade Underlayment For Laminate Floors

Moisture Barricade Underlayment For Laminate Floors

Here comes the Roberts 70-115 superior moisture barricade underlayment. It is a thicker film of polyethylene that can fulfill the needs of the moisture barrier.

It can cover 120 sq. feet area of your home, garage, or other workspaces. Let’s see what it owns:

Thick layer:
The increased thickness of 5mm can reliably prohibit moisture access to upper concrete floors. So, the foundation remains durable as the new one.

It works best over the cement slabs. Also, you can use the film with laminate and engineering wood floors.

Moisture protection:
Polyethylene film has a longer lifeline than other underlayments. You won’t require repairing the floors where you live or move.

Unique roll:
The 120 sq. feet roll with an adhesive strip with 3” overlaps and additional sheets. It is a very time-saving product for installation.

  • 6mm thick layer of efficient polyethylene film
  • Gives extra durability than other thinner moisture barrier
  • Suitable for concrete, laminate, and engineering woods
  • Edges are not cut straight as some users expressed

MP Global Products Concrete Flooring Moisture Barrier

Concrete Flooring Moisture Barrier

MP Global Products produces versatile flooring equipment with great qualities. QW100B1LT 100sq. feet flooring underlayment with a pre-attached vapor barrier is one of their finest products.

It offers versatile facilities and sturdiness of concrete floors. The traits of this blue vapor barrier are:

Moisture protection:
It is made of recycled fibers to stay active against vapors to create bulk moisture. Besides, you can use it for in-floor radiant heat systems. It protects the floor from thermal shock, allowing heat to permeate.

Reduced noise:
The dense recycled fibers eliminate sound from traveling here and there. So, you will feel noiseless working in the bedroom, kitchen, reading room, or at the office.

No compression:
The fiber structure also enables the click-together mechanism. It keeps the condition of the floor locked even it is under a consistent traffic area.

Certified moisture barrier:
It contains no harmful volatile organic compounds. So, the air quality inside the home remains fresh and healthy.

  • Provides versatile benefits of recycled fibers as building materials
  • Maintains the smoothness of concrete surface under heavy traffic
  • Suitable for different laminate, composite, engineering woods, vinyl planks, etc.
  • No petrochemical smell for giving you the fresh breath of air
  • You may hear noise after using longtime

QuietWalk Laminate Flooring Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrie

Laminate Flooring Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrie

QuietWalk from MP Global Products is just another great item in modern home improvement evolution. This laminate flooring underlayment is suitable for use on the floor making of your home.

This underlayment with the vapor barrier eliminates noise, compression marks, and moisture. Learn more here about this blue moisture protector:

Universal vapor barrier:
You can apply this with different floors like laminate, floating engineered, 5+mm luxury vinyl planks.

Compression resistant: The recycled fibers of the QuietWalk vapor blockade works actively. These fibers prevent moisture and compression, damaging the concrete floors.

Reduced sound and vibration:
VOC-free laminate underlayment absorbs the sound from the upper surface. It makes click-together floating floors sound.

Easy installation:
You can cut the barrier easily with a utility knife. Besides, each roll contains 360 feet of product. You can happily cover the rooms instantly.

  • 360 sq. feet product protects the floors from moisture and producing excessive noise
  • Recycled fibers are treated with anti-microbial so that mold and mildews never come
  • For seamless installation, you can use simple utility knife to size and shape it
  • Creates no petrochemical scent which could irritate kids and pets
  • You may need to use cork or glue as it is soft and spongy

Visqueen Vapor Barrier Block Film for Floating Flooring

Visqueen Vapor Barrier Block Film for Floating Flooring

Visqueen 6mm PE is also in the list of the best moisture barrier for concrete floor. Its quality and efficiency have provoked us to keep it listed.

A large roll of 750 sq. feet is sufficient to protect the concrete floor damages. Keep in mind these below features of this first-class basement floor vapor barrier:

Large roll:
One roll of 750 sq. feet moisture block film is very much helpful to cover a more massive floor. It will save your wallet from emptying and time to buy multiple rolls of ordinary products.

High-quality material:
It is made of thin yet thick 6mm PE plastic film. If you are thinking of preparing concrete or laminate floors, use this as underlayment protection.

Protection against moisture:
Visqueen moisture barrier keeps the upper surface dry while preventing the vapor from creating nasty humidity.

You can get a free shipment of this product through FedEx Ground for installing under any floating floors.

  • 750 sq. feet large roll
  • 6mm PE plastic film with great functionality
  • A green-colored vapor barrier is compatible with versatile floors
  • A single crease produces lots of wrinkles on the film

Roberts Moisture Barrier For Concrete Flooring

Roberts Moisture Barrier For Concrete Floor

The second Roberts in our list is 70-193A 360 sq. feet for flooring underlayment for moisture protection. It is more than just a vapor barrier basement floor.

The primary purpose behind this product is the protection of the basement floor, including moisture protection. There are more benefits like:

Excellent insulation:
Each 70-193A Super felt cushion roll provides top-class insulation. It results in superior defense from wet and hazy moisture.

Low-sound transmission: The mentioned product is designed in a way to absorb noises. The STC and IIC rating of this product are 66 and 67 gradually.

Environment-friendly ingredients:
Roberts felt underlayment contain compressed recycled fibers using a high-heat industrial process. So, it never pollutes the internal air of the home or office where you use it.

Warm surface:
It is designed to keep the home environment warm and comfortable in the winter days.

  • Provides pure insulation from building moisture and mildews
  • STC and IIC rating (sound related) ratings are gradually 66 and 67
  • Made in a unique way to keep the home environment warm and comfortable
  • May leave yellow residues all over feet and hands during installation

Concrete Floor Moisture Barrier Buying Guides

Well. You should keep your eyes open to buy or order something helpful. We are doing that friendly help for you too. We suggest you keep these things in your mind when you want to buy the basement dirt floor vapor barrier:


You cannot ignore the thickness of the vapor barrier. Too much thin or thick may damage the concrete floors. Thin layered barriers can give access to moisture soon. Thickly layered products may make floors uneven and fragile.

Roll size:

Roll size of the concrete floor vapor barrier is important. For small size floors, you should buy moisture barrier rolls of 70-150 sq. feet. You can increase the choice if you want to work on multiple large floors.

Building material:

Check out the labels of the products. Most suitable moisture barriers contain recycled fibers so that the environment remains healthy and safe.

Sound absorption:

Low-quality items cause irritating noises while you move or work on the floor. Read the customer reviews for knowing how much your selected product works for reducing noises and vibration.

Easy installation:

Most of the vapor barrier comes with specific adhesive strips. It enables the user smart and faster installation. You can look for this or similar feature in the chosen product.


A quality item should have a wide range of compatibility. Many top-rated vapor barriers can be laid with concrete, laminate, engineered wood, hardwood etc. You should be careful about this part to avoid mistakes or extra labor.


You can think underlayment is waste of money. But it is a money-saver kit to avoid future expenses. You may need to repair the concrete floor again and again without installing any vapor barrier. But no need to worry. These moisture barriers are relevantly affordable. You do not need to spend a huge amount of money that could be needed on home renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you install a moisture barrier on a concrete floor?

Answer: Roll the product onto the floor by lengthwise. Then, overlap next row by 3-8” and seal the seams. You can use moisture-resistant tape to do so. Do the same thing repeatedly to cover the whole area.

Question: How do I stop moisture coming through the concrete floor?

Answer: We recommend you use moisture barrier as an underlayment of your concrete floor.

Question: Does the concrete need a moisture barrier?

Answer: Water vapor always travels from high to low relative humidity areas through the concrete. So, many experts suggest that you should use the below-slab vapor barrier for further protection.

Question: Should you put plastic under concrete?

Answer: The grade of material used in plastic may allow water to pass through. Polyethylene plastics were prevalent nearly 60-70 years ago. But now these are not recommended for use as underlayment. You should use the products made as a vapor barrier.


The best moisture barrier for concrete floor performs the best as you have kept security guard for your residence. You can find many of them, but not all of them will be as good as our mentioned products. These products cost less but give the exact thing to meet your needs.

We have tried to point out the best things. We wish to choose any of these according to your needs to have noise and moisture-free concrete floors.

Have a nice day!

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