Best Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller

It is gaming time.

You lay or sit on a sofa or bed, open a game on your console, take the controller, and start playing the game.


Your game stops working. You lose control of the game and lose the game to the opponents.

The controller battery is dead.

Or you just start the game and find out your controller battery is not working.

You know how it feels if you ever experienced anything like that.

That is why experts suggest using the best micro usb cable for Xbox one controller for faster charging.

It is easy to set up and comfortable to use. It also offers more flexibility to move and maneuver. You can enjoy faster charging and simultaneous gaming and charging experience. It will improve your gaming experience and take it to the next level. A random USB cable cannot charge faster and handle high bending pressure.

The 7 Best Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller

Hundreds of usb cables are available for Xbox one controllers. Only a few maintain the quality and set themselves apart from others. We have narrowed down the list for you to make your decision making easier.

Official Microsoft Xbox One USB Charging Cable

Official Microsoft Xbox One USB Charging Cable

It is always better to use official products.  But the brand has to be reputed and good enough to rely on. Consider this official Microsoft USB Cable if you need the best micro usb cable for Xbox one controller. It offers fast charging to make your Xbox running once again quickly. It also offers simultaneous charging and gaming.

You will have a charging light for added support. It will light up when you connect the cable to the Xbox to reduce any guesswork. This cable is durable and flexible as well for its smooth bending capacity. You can smoothly use it from any angle or position. Compatibility is another excellent advantage of this official cable. You can use it with the Xbox, pc, or even tablet.

This Fast charging Micro USB Cable features 2.7 Meter Length. It will help you connect and charge the Xbox from a long distance. You can even play the game when charging or the battery is dead. To conclude, when your concern is to get a long, flexible, and fast charging cable, consider this one and it will not disappoint you, I hope.


  • Charge your Xbox very fast
  • A charging light shows you the charging status
  • Durable and flexible cable for rough use
  • Compatible with versatile devices
  • Long length for better coverage


  • A little bit expensive compared to what it offers

KOOWOD PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable

KOOWOD PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable

Consider PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable when your concern is to get a flexible, long, and quality micro USB cable. This one ensures zero power loss despite its long length to ensure full-speed charging. You will get 8% faster charging compared to any traditional USB cable.

Made with 23 AWG High-quality wire, this cable can handle up to 2.0 Amp current with 480 Mbit data transfer. The bulletproof aramid fiber construction with Tangle-free, triple-braided nylon can withstand 90 degrees bending up to 10,000 lifecycles. It ensures durability and flexibility at the same time. Its laser-welded aluminum connectors provide easy and powerful connections.

Nothing is more frustrating than a dead controller in the middle of the game is. This Gaming micro USB features a 10FT/3M length micro USB cable. You can sit back on your couch or lay down in bed and play the game comfortably. It is also highly compatible with Xbox controllers, PlayStation, android, windows, and even pc. So overall, it is simple, durable, flexible, and most importantly, comfortable to use with fast charging.


  • Ensures faster charging without any power loss
  • High-quality wire can handle high power and data transfer
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and tough use
  • 10F long to use it during laying or sitting
  • Compatible with versatile devices


  • Both cables might not work properly

Oritikur Charger Cable for Xbox One Controller – 2 Pack 10FT

Charger Cable for Xbox One Controller - 2 Pack 10FT

Ever experienced an interrupted gaming session due to dead batteries? The frustration knows no bounds in those moments. You can solve the problem simply with this amazing Charger Cable for Xbox One Controller from Oritikur. It comes with two 10F cables so you can use them interchangeably for more longevity.

The 23 AWG Low Impedance High Gauge wires deliver up to 20% faster charging than regular USBs. It is also able to transfer 480 Mbits data and support 2.0 Amp current with its eco dot design. The bulletproof aramid fiber comes with a Tangle-free, triple-braided nylon exterior. You can bend the cable up to 90 degrees and get a minimum of 10,000 cycles.

You will also have laser-welded aluminum connectors to ensure a tight connection. It will not fall out from your device or get loose easily. The 10FT/3M length enables you to enjoy gaming from a long distance. Finally, you can use this amazing cable on almost all of your devices. It supports Xbox, PlayStation, tablet, camera, and other devices easily.


  • Durable construction offers more bend and cycles
  • Ensures fast-charging up to 20%
  • Provides higher data transfer and current flow
  • Welded aluminum connector delivers tight connection
  • Long cable with versatile compatibility make it more convenient


  • Not a good one for long-lasting use

TalkWorks Controller Charger Cord for Xbox One

TalkWorks Controller Charger Cord for Xbox One

TalkWorks Controller Charger Cord is another excellent option to consider for its tight-fitting connection and flexibility. It offers a simple yet tight-fitting experience. You can attach the cable to the Xbox one smoothly and securely. Simultaneous charging and gaming are also possible for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The 10 feet power cable will give you plenty of proximity. You can lay down on your bed comfortably or sit back on the chair while playing the game. It comes in a two-cable pack to ensure long-term use. The premium construction prolongs its durability and handles high data and current transfer. It ultimately leads to a faster charging experience.

This Tight-fitting Micro USB cable is intended to charge your PlayStation quickly to maximize your gaming time. It is also suitable for other devices including Android phones, tablets, cameras, and others. To conclude, for faster charging and simultaneously gaming, this one can be a suitable option.


  • Effortless yet tight-fitting for secure connection
  • Offers simultaneous charging and gaming
  • Long enough to enjoy the game from long distance
  • Premium construction ensures fast charging
  • Suitable for Xbox controller and other devices


  • Not suitable for too much bending

XUANMEIK Micro USB Controller Charger Cord for Xbox One


Micro USB Controller Charger Cord for Xbox One comes into the market to provide quick charging and superior flexibility. This 3A charging cable offers a transmission speed of up to 480Mbps. Besides, the charging time is 8% faster than other traditional cables. You can improve the charging speed even when playing the game.

The upgraded aluminum connector comes with special laser welding technology. You can easily connect the cable securely. Its three-layer durable nylon braid with soft fibers can handle 90 degrees bending up to 10,000 times. Its electronic safety certification ensures electric safety for you and your family. You know safety always comes first.

The length of the cable is 10 feet. You can enjoy gaming without sitting near the search console. Simultaneous charging and gaming are also possible. Versatility and color variation are some other good features. You can use this cable with Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and other devices. It even offers color variations to meet your game room décor needs.


  • Offers high transmission speed for faster charging
  • Aluminum connectors ensure secure fitting
  • Durable construction can handle thousands of bending
  • Features electronic safety
  • Versatile to use with multiple color options


  • No charging indicator light

Nyko Charge Link – Micro-USB Controller Charge and Sync Cable for Xbox One

Charge and Sync Cable for Xbox One

Up next is the Nyko Charge Link – Micro-USB Controller Charge Cable that is easy to use and offers quick charging. An LED light is there to let you know the charging status. You do not have to guess anything at all. The durable construction reduces power loss and ensures fast charging compared to traditional cables.

Its length is not that long. But 9 feet will be plenty enough to use your Xbox while laying down or sitting on the chair away from the console. The CE-approved status ensures safety for you and your family members from electric hazards. It also provides quality assurance.

Another great thing about this cable is its higher compatibility. You can even use it with Microsoft’s wireless controller for Xbox One. It is also suitable for file transfer or charging devices. Its soft tangle-free design avoids tangling while enabling easy storage. Overall, it is a simple yet useful cable for its flexibility, fast charging, and safety functions.


  • LED light shows charging status to eradicate guesswork
  • CE approved status ensures quality and safety
  • Compatible with versatile devices with different purposes
  • Tangle-free design provides easy storage
  • Durable construction reduces power loss for faster charging


  • Only 9 feet long

SIOCEN PS4 Charger Cord for Xbox One Controller 3Pack 10FT

SIOCEN PS4 Charger Cord for Xbox One Controller

3Pack 10FT PS4 Charger Cord for Xbox One Controller is a perfect option for your ps4. The 10 feet long ps4 charging cable provides the flexibility to play the game from your bed or couch easily. Connecting is effortless yet secure for its metal connection. You can use it roughly and it will not lose or fall down easily.

The hard and soft PVC ensures durable construction. You can achieve a 10000+ plug lifespan and a 5000+ bend lifespan. This durable construction also reduces power loss to recharge your controller faster than any traditional charger cable. It will maximize your game time for more fun.

When it comes to compatibility, this SIOCEN cable is suitable for Xbox one controllers, PlayStation 4 controllers, PS Vita / Android Phone, and others. Its 3-cable package will help you use these cables on all of your devices. With its 0.48 Gigabits Per Second data transfer capacity, you can certainly enjoy using this cable for all of your devices.


  • Long length for more proximity and comfort
  • Hard and soft PVC construction ensures a longer lifespan
  • Higher data transfer and lower powerless provide faster charging
  • Suitable for versatile devices
  • Provides secure and tight-fitting for interruption-free gaming


  • Not CE approved for safety and quality

Wrapping up

The best micro USB cable for Xbox one controller offers maximum flexibility and comfort. You can use it when you are laying on the bed or sitting on the couch. Its simultaneous charging and gaming function makes it even more comfortable and convenient. Make sure you do not buy a random USB cable for your controller.

Check for the quality construction since it determines charging speed. It also determines the longevity and bending capacity. You should also look for a long length and secure connection. Do not forget to consider the safety function for electrical hazards.

Compatibility is another important factor to consider as well. So be smart to consider all those factors and take your gaming experience to the next level.

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