Best Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Who doesn’t love to spend time in the sunny beach? But you might become tired of holding the umbrella under the scorching heat of the sun. In this regard, an umbrella sand anchor might be very helpful for you.

Your beach time will become more enjoyable when you insert your umbrella in an umbrella sand anchor. You not only save your effort but also get an excellent shadow and stand by it.

Having your kids, mates, or any other members on the beach will make your time fruitful. Enjoy the best out of it under chilling the umbrella hold by an umbrella anchor.

Best Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors

Not only that, a good umbrella anchor will prevent your umbrella from getting blown away. No matter where you use it, it will perform its role casually.

But which umbrella anchor should you buy? In this article, we will introduce you to the 7 best beach umbrella sand anchors along with its use and buying guide.

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Beachr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor
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Sandy Dunes Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor
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Beachr Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor
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Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor
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The 7 Best Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors

Having so much beach umbrella anchors in the market, we have chosen the best 7 among them for you. Their names as well as features are as follows:

Beachr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor

beach umbrella with sand anchor

When you are looking for a good and handy stand for your beach umbrella, the Beach Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor should be within your options. Having the toughest rigidity and great feasibility, this umbrella sand anchor is one of the finest in the market.

Not only for its steadiness, but also for its longevity, the sand anchor is highly recommendable. Let’s take a look at its outstanding traits.

The Beachr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor can handle your umbrella so strongly that it won’t blow away. It is fully windproof and can withstand 50 MPH winds. Also, it is SPF and UV resistant.

The umbrella anchor is made up of sturdy ABS plastic which is fully rust-free. It lasts longer than metal and provides better service.

You might end up using umbrellas of different base sizes. But when you are using the Beachr Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor, you won’t have to worry about the umbrella base. The umbrella anchor is universal. It can fit any kind of base easily.

Easy setting up:
The umbrella is very lightweight and compact. Being a portable one, it assures quick opening and closing without any complications. It penetrates easily in the base of the earth and can stand firmly.

Cxrcy Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

metal beach umbrella sand anchor

Having all the qualities to be your companion at the beach, the CXRCY Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor umbrella is a very robust one in the market. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the umbrella stand will keep your umbrella upstand for you.

Its strictness makes it a very preferable one for your vacation to the beach. You’ll be delighted after you get to know about its uniqueness and features.

When it comes to its steadiness, it can give good competition. The metal beach umbrella sand anchor can withstand winds up to 60 MPH speed. The umbrella anchor can withstand a tough blow of air. Thus, it prevents your umbrella from blowing away.

The body of the umbrella stand is made up of water and rust-resistant material. The stand is thick and sturdy to be supportive under any circumstances. The surface is of ABS and will never corrode under any circumstances.

Universal fitting:
This lightweight umbrella stand can fit any size of umbrellas. The pole of the beach umbrella holder for the sand diameter is of 1 3/8”. A thumbscrew tightening machine is there to fix the fitting of the umbrella.

Easy to use:
The umbrella anchor provides the humblest setup.  The auger is very tough to dig inside the sand, dirt, or grass.  You won’t require any extra tools to set it up and have the best use of it.

Sandy Dunes Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Sandy Dunes Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

A lightweight umbrella sand anchor is a good companion to your umbrella in every journey. And when the anchor is the Sandy Dunes sand anchor for beach umbrella your beach visit will become more pleasing.

The sand anchor has been proving its worth continuously. You’ll find the reason after knowing its features.

The umbrella anchor is made up of ABS plastic. It prevents any kind of cracking or breaking. The stand is sufficient to withstand any strong wind.

Universal Fitting:
The umbrella anchor is of the universal fitting. It can fit umbrellas having any sized base. The thumbscrew enables the proper fitting of the umbrella in it.

Easy to set up:
For its lightweight and sturdy surface, the umbrella stand can be set up within seconds. Just screw it in the ground firmly and fit the umbrella in it. No extra measures or equipment is needed to do the fitting.

The Sandy Dunes sand anchor for beach umbrella has all the capabilities to last long. The surface, buildup, safety, and the safety-driven design ensure a long expiry period. Having a rust-resistant surface, it can serve you for numerous vacations and traveling.

Being portable and lightweight, the umbrella stand is of great convenience. You can carry it at any place, without worrying. Just place it in your bag pack, go to the beach, dig it inside the earth, and let your umbrella have a good stand.

Duudo Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

DUUDO Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

The spiral design of the DUUDO Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor is very suitable to have a good fitting inside the soil. The sand anchor remains so rigid that it can hardly be blown away by the wind. Also, its grip is very outstanding that ensures you a good shadow.

Why use it when you have many other anchors in market? The features of this umbrella sand anchor will tell you.

The DUUDO Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor is very strong and rigid. it can withstand wind up to 50 MPH. The stand is made up of 0.16” sturdy ABS. This makes it rust and cracks free.

5 spiral design:
Compared to the 3-spiral design, the 5 spiral design ensures more rigidity than the others. Alongside this, it can fit the umbrella with more endurance and accuracy. Providing the umbrella with a good grip, it resists it from getting flown away.

Universal size:
The umbrella anchor can fit all types of umbrella base. Its grip is made so feasible for the function. This makes it a preferable anchor to use at lawn, garden, poolside, beach, etc.

Easy to install:
There are no complications of the umbrella stand to fit in. Just open it and dig it inside the soil. The thumbscrew tightening will do the rest for your umbrella.

When it comes to carrying and dealing with the DUUDO Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor, you’ll find it as a convenient one. It is pretty much light in weight and can be placed in your bag packs.

Beacher Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Beachr Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Whenever you are up for any short trip, keep the Beacher beach umbrella with a sand anchor with you. Having an excellent fitting and good grip, it will hold your umbrella firmly. It also digs and fits well inside any kind of soil.

The features of this umbrella sand anchor speak for itself. All the outstanding functions and its traits are shown below.

The super sturdy sand gripper is fully windproof. Having the wind resistivity of 50 MPH, it will hold your umbrella very tightly. It is also SPF and UV sun ray resistive.

The umbrella anchor is made of ABS plastic. It is fully rusted resistive and can provide you with the best longevity. Using it regularly will not cause any damage to it.

Universal Fitting:
The umbrella anchor has the capability of taking any size of the umbrella base. The thumbs grip is pretty much tight and tough to grip your umbrella. It prevents the umbrella from getting flown or being damages.

Easy to set up:
The umbrella anchor is very light in weight. So, you won’t face any difficulties in setting it up. The auger of the umbrella anchor can dig inside grass, soil, beach, etc.

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

sand grabber beach umbrella anchor

Looking for a simple umbrella anchor? The Sand grabber beach umbrella anchor is one of the finest in the market. Not only that, you’ll get it at the best price for your frequent traveling.

The overall configuration is pretty much satisfying to hold an umbrella firmly. You’ll want to have it in your journey once it suits with your desire.

Easy to use:
It’s very easy to operate and use. All you have to do is to insert its auger inside the soil of the beach. It will fit firmly with its 3-spiral design.

The beach umbrella with the sand anchor is very tough when it comes to protecting your umbrella. It can withstand very strong wind and prevent the umbrella from blowing away. It can withstand wind up to 35 MPH

The umbrella anchor is very light in weight. It provides a preferable carrying you need during your vacation. Also, it can keep your umbrella down with extra weight.

Build up:
The umbrella anchor is of white powder. The length of the sand grabber beach umbrella anchor is of 1.4″ and weighs only 1 ½ lb.

Ammsun Metal Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

metal beach umbrella sand anchor

The auger of the AMMSUN Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor is very strong and legit, which can be fitted at any desirable place. The overall traits of this umbrella anchor are mind-blowing and appreciable.

Its compatibility will make you fall for it. The overall role and build up can assist a perfect holding for an umbrella. How? Let’s show you the features of it.

The umbrella anchor can withstand 60 MPH wind. Providing a solid grip to the umbrella, it can prevent any kind of blow under any circumstances.

When you are thinking of carrying it, you can do it without any worry. Its 1.2 pounds weight is very much convenient and very suitable for certain trips.

Easy to use:
The heavy-duty beach umbrella sand anchor is pretty much easy to fit in. The auger is sharp enough to penetrate inside the soil. It can dig well inside the grass, soil, or dirt. The thumbscrew tightening will grab the umbrella most convincingly.

Universal fitting:
The metal beach umbrella sand anchor can take any umbrellas of any size. The thumbscrew adjusts the tightening of the umbrella successfully. The base holder is also durable enough to provide firm handling of the umbrella.

How to Anchor Beach Umbrella in the Sand:

Anchoring your beach umbrella should be done perfectly to avail the best use of your umbrella. In this section, we will show you how you can master it perfectly.

  1. Take the umbrella and dig it inside the soil. Don’t just dig it directly. Rather use a hard thing to do so.
  2. Keep it a few minutes. Let the wind make a flow over it. This will ensure a good direction and predict the fitting of the umbrella.
  3. Finally, insert an umbrella anchor inside the dug area. Fit it firmly and put the umbrella in the anchor. This will give you the best fitting of your umbrella in the sand.

Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Buyer Guides

Before you buy the umbrella sand anchor, you must ensure some factors properly. It depends on you how you overlook them, but these are pretty much crucial things to have in an umbrella.

Wind resistivity:

The wind resistivity of the sand anchor should be strong enough. Otherwise, it won’t be able to handle your umbrella firmly.

It is recommended to buy an anchor that can withstand at least 40mph wind. The higher the resistivity, the better for you and the umbrella.

This is very important because your umbrella stand completely depends on it.


Different umbrella anchors are made up of different metals and plastic. As you’ll be using it under any weather conditions, better use a non-rust anchor.

It is recommended to go for ABS plastic. The chances of breaking are also low. It will give you good longevity of usage and will ensure a good toughness for future uses.


The weight is an important issue for any umbrella anchor. As you’ll be carrying it for different purposes, make sure your anchor is a light weighted one.

For instance, better use an anchor od maximum of 1.75 lbs. This weight limit will enable you to use it more frequently and easily.

Size of umbrella shaft:

Is your anchor’s umbrella shaft perfect for your umbrella? If not, then it is of no use. Again, you might not know the size of the umbrella base you’ll buy in the future.

Will you buy another anchor for it? Not. Get the anchor with a universal umbrella shaft and get any umbrella fit firmly in it. Make sure to look over the thumbscrew too.

Final Words:

Whenever you go to a beach, don’t forget to carry a beach umbrella sand anchor with you. For availing a good shadow and grip of your umbrella, it is a crucial part of your journey.

It will reduce your effort of holding the umbrella and will enhance your enjoyment on the beach. You can prevail shadow for your whole companion in a delightful manner too.

Say goodbye to old umbrella holding complications and get yourself chilled up on the beach. All possible after having the best beach umbrella sand anchor.

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